The Working Woman’s Guide to Preparing for Retirement

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Retirement guidelines for working womenEpisode 13–The Working Woman’s Guide to Preparing for Retirement

Retirement looks financially different for women than it does for many men. Some women may have stopped working to stay home with our children and then returned to the workforce, later. There are also women who only worked part time because they had a spouse who was the primary breadwinner.  Both of these scenarios affect the “bottom line” of a woman’s retirement funds. 

Kathy Mitchell is a former Georgia Power Company communications executive and a retired managing editor of a weekly newspaper publication. She gives inside information about the financial do’s and dont’s of retirement. 

We discuss how to apply for medicare insurance and where to get financial help, if you need it.  Kathy also talks about what women who are “late to the game” can do help themselves financially navigate the retirement years. Finally, she shares tips on how millennials can practice good money habits now to prepare for retirement, later. Finally,


More About Kathy Mitchell

 Kathy grew up in Anniston, Alabama and went on to study Journalism and English at Georgia State University and Fisk University. After moving to Atlanta, she began a career with the Georgia Power Company and worked in corporate communications for several years, until she eventually retired. 

Kathy started a second career as a managing editor at The Champion Newspaper in Decatur, Georgia. She served in the position for several years until she retired, again. She currently works part-time as a freelance writer for the same newspaper. Kathy is a community leader and a Sunday school teacher at Gresham Park Christian Church.

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