Time Is On My Side

Although we can’t bottle time up and open it when we need a little extra…with these 10 steps we can finally say…Time Is On My Side. Ever find yourself running through life without even a moment to catch your breath?    Although we can’t bottle time up and open it when we need a little extra…with these 10 steps we can finally say…Time Is On My Side.

  1. Create a Schedule and Track Your Time- Sit down and write out not only what you do in the course of a day but roughly how much time it usually takes you to do it. Once you begin to think through and write down your daily and weekly routine, you can see what takes up space in your life.
  2. Organize Your Tasks With the Four D’s:

Four D’s (delegate, delete, defer, or do) Divide a piece of paper for that week into 4 boxes and take your tasks and assign each one to the appropriate box.  By dividing your tasks into categories, it forces you to evaluate each thing and put them into other boxes besides the, “I have to do everything” box.

  1. Break It Into Chunks– Take the task and break it into pieces. Give yourself a due date regardless if it requires one or not.  Take a certain amount of days and write down what you will do for each day to accomplish that goal.  By the end of the week, or that “due date” that you’ve set for yourself…the big task that was at once overwhelming has now become attainable.
  2. Get better at saying “No.”- Managing your time means not adding anything onto your plate. When you only say “Yes” to things you pile up your To-Do List and cause yourself burnout and a ton of anxiety! Being able to say “No” will actually empower you and give you a sense of taking charge over your life.
  3. Streamline your life- Start by decluttering your work space AND electronic space. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails and clean out your inbox. Organize your files in folders online as well as physical files on your desk.  Once a month, clean out your purse…men, clean out your briefcase, gym bag, or satchel.
  4. DON’T Multitask!!! Give tasks its own space- lultiple studies have shown that multitasking overloads the brain so instead of getting more done at once, multitasking can have the opposite effect. Research also says that multitasking lowers your IQ.  It seems that our brains want us to be kind to them and focus on one thing at a time.
  5. Schedule in breaks- Time to unplug. The brain functions best when we go from moments of work to moments of rest. Try working on a task for 25-30 minutes straight, then take a brisk walk or get some coffee.  You’ll find that by adding these breaks in you will get MORE done in less amount of time and the quality of your work will improve.
  6. Block out distractions- Distractions are a part of the dark side when it comes to managing your time. If you have to  lock yourself upstairs in the guest closet to finish a task then so be it.  You’ll use half the time and get twice as much done. 
  7. Use a Calendar- Calendars, for me, keep my life in order and my mind clear. Whether it’s a digital calendar or the good ol’ fashioned kind, calendars are a life saver for planning your week and saving you time.
  8. Be “Unavailable”-One of my all-time favorite things to do when streamlining my world is to be “unavailable” to talk during certain times of the day. Something as simple as turning off your cell for a couple of hours will provide you with a simplicity we all need.

Time….it’s SUCH a precious commodity because it’s the one resource you can’t get back.  When you think about it, everything in this world is connected with time.  Whether it be the time that goes into our day, or the years that make up our lives, everything is bound to time.  The way we manage time can either improve our quality of life or stunt our ability to live each day to the fullest.  Time may not be able to be bottled up  to use when we need an extra dose,  but with these strategies we can finally be able to say …Time Is On My Side.

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