To have integrity

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What does it mean?

Integrity is honesty, strong moral principles and an upstanding character trait. I think it is essential. A person of integrity is someone you can trust to do the right thing and do what they say they will. You can count on them.

What does God say about integrity?

  • Observe the person of integrity and mark the upright; Because there is a future for a man of peace. Ps 37:37
  • I look to the faithful of the land to sit at my side. Whoever follows the way of integrity is the one to enter my service. Ps 101:6
  • The wicked are overthrown by their wickedness, but the just find a refuge in their integrity. Pro 14:32
  • Love righteousness, you who judge the earth; think of the Lord in goodness, and seek him in integrity of heart. Wisdom 1:1
  • Reliable instruction was in his mouth, no perversity was found upon his lips; He walked with me in integrity and uprightness, and turned many away from evil. Malachi 2:6

Each of those verses points to God telling us and showing us that his hope is that we be people of integrity. Are we?

Consistency in behavior

To truly be a person of integrity we are called to act that way no matter who we are with or where we are. We cannot treat certain people one way and then others a different way as it suits us. At times, we may stand alone in the truth. But that is possible because we know the Lord is with us.

This week, choose a verse that helps you to be a person of integrity. Write it out and post it where you can see it. In prayer, ask God to show you how to have greater integrity in your life.

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