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When the world around us shuts down, how do we cope? Most of us have been relegated to our homes under self-imposed quarantines, which leaves us with much time to fill.

So how are you powering through each day? What do you need to help decompress? What helps you relax? We are all doing the same thing – watch bad television!

To unwind, I personally like to watch two genres of television: Crime Documentaries and Reality television. Yes, watching a story about a mass murderer helps me unwind..don’t judge.

But let’s leave the Unabomber and his colleagues for another episode. Today on Seriously Shauna, we are going to discuss all things TLC. Yes, The Learning Channel is where I like to go to help me feel better about my life.

We will be discussing three of my most favorite train wrecks on television.

We will cover the basics of living and marrying as an American Gypsy, what it looks like to plan a wedding to a virtual stranger in ninety-days or less, and what in the world living with four Sister Wives looks like on a practical level

Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…

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  1. Kimmie Turk says

    Hilare. Mainly because my hubs calls my reality tv trashy tv too!!!! I can only watch it by myself though so…there’s that. And who buys books anymore anyway??!!!! Kindly. Hello.

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