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True Faith What is true faith? In light of so much counterfeit around us it is difficult for many people to understand truth vs. fiction. Even during Biblical times, those who witnessed the miracles of Jesus still struggled to believe. Well, take heart! In this episode, we will delve into the truth that will set your free. #podcast #christianpodcast #truefaith #christianfaithTrue Faith ~ Episode 233

What is true faith? In light of so much counterfeit around us, it is difficult for many people to understand truth vs. fiction. Even during Biblical times, those who witnessed the miracles of Jesus still struggled to believe. Well, take heart! In this episode, we will delve into the truth that will set your free.

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The church’s teaching authority gave us the Bible that we have today. This way, we can look to the Word of God to confirm our beliefs. Many of those in authority at the time were eyewitnesses of Jesus Christ and recorded His words for all of us today. We believe the Bible is the inerrant word of guide inspired by the Holy Spirit. We also have recordings of teachings that did not make it into the Bible or books believed not to be inspired.

Many of you know of St. Thomas Aquinas, a theologian known for his clarity in the discussion of faith and morals. He says that true faith does not only agree with what is known because he said that even demons do this – they acknowledge the truth but do not have faith. He says that faith requires an act of our will. Remember, we have free choice, a gift from Almighty God. We have the ability to act with free will, not just with our intelligence or intellect. God is God, and His love for us, as incomprehensible as it might be, does not hinge on whether we choose Him or not. We are the ones that have conditional love – it is easier to love those who love us. With God, He is pure love. He loves because that is His nature.

There is a definitive difference between faith that is true and belief. We submit ourselves to God’s will for our lives, a free choice. It is not one that is forced. We agree because, for some of us, not doing so would be inconceivable. If we have true faith, we believe what is taught; for me, that is contained in full in the Nicene Creed or the shorter Apostles Creed. We recite one of these each time I attend Mass. I agree through my free will.

Just as we submit to the authority of the governing body of our town, state or government, so do we submit to the teaching authority of our church. If we disagree, this is not true faith.

I know it sounds like we are getting deep today – but the point is that understanding helps, but true faith is a free-will action. By growing in faith, we can live a life that is not only fulfilling but one of true peace. The peace that surpasses all understanding.  Let me read the following passage from Philippians 4: 4-10

Read this passage on your own and think about the words that leap out at you. Several of these for me are ones I talk about often; one is to praise God in all things. Verse 4 states to rejoice in the Lord always. The second is to Let your gentleness be known to everyone. As Christians, we are encouraged to love everyone, not only those who love us. In this way, we show the love of Christ to others. Easy right? Probably a struggle for many of us if we are truthful. Only God can give us the grace we need to carry on as we should. This passage also reminds us that the Lord is near. We always have the Holy Spirit with us, and what a powerful reminder to us all that the Lord is always here. Our faith is inspired by those who went before us but to think that the Creator of the universe cares for each one of us is so amazing. But one of the things we all crave is peace. The scripture reminds us that … the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Why does it say it surpasses all understanding? I believe this touches on what we discussed earlier. Understanding or intellect is a part of faith but deciding to live our faith by a free-will offering is what is difficult for many to comprehend, especially today.

Pray about this and allow the Lord to come into your life in a powerful way because while there is head understanding, the heart must be genuinely engaged for true peace. The peace of Christ is something you may feel from time to time. When I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to be in deep prayer, I don’t want to return to this world. I feel such a deep sense of peace, reverence, and awe. It is like the most perfect dream and only to wake up to the reality of life. Our lives are a blessing but let’s face it; the challenges sometimes are overpowering.

The challenge is real, especially for our faith. We struggle with our faith when we think we know better. As people with free will, we know what we want and want now. If you had your choice of an easy life or a life filled with hardship, which would you choose? An easy life, right?

But what is in the fine print of an easy life? An easy life to some may be doing whatever you want, whenever you want, and with whomever you want. As we know, some of us sadly, from experience, this can lead to heartbreak and dysfunction.

True faith is steeped in love, a conscious and free-will decision, and it encompasses and allows the love of God to permeate our lives.

  1. Putting on the armor of God to defeat the wicked one – Ephesians 6:9-11 and verse 10-11 which states: “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power. Put on the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the devil’s wiles.”
  2. Putting God’s will above our own. He knows best. Believe it as a truth. Meditate on the idea of God’s will.
  3. Be open to spending time with God. For true and good faith, we need to spend time and allow the Lord to touch our hearts.
  4. Remove ourselves from sin and temptation. I think we all know what that means in our own lives.
  5. Attend church regularly, not when we feel like it!

As we strive to balance out the head knowledge with our hearts, I pray that each of your challenges this week focus on what is true and good in your life and see where the stumbling blocks of faith exist and work on those slowly each day.








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