Trusting God For Your Family Size

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Trusting God For Your Family Size | Today I want to talk about trusting God for your family size with our special guest who understands the meaning of heartbreak! Cindy Rushton has a strong Christian faith that has sustained her and shares some very important points with you! | #podcast #christianpodcastTrusting God For Your Family Size Episode 29 with Cindy Rushton

Today I want to talk about trusting God for your family size with our special guest who understands the meaning of heartbreak! Cindy Rushton has a strong Christian faith that has sustained her and shares some very important points with you!

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Prayer is so important – it is a way to change hearts! So many of us want to follow the Lord in every way, except in the area of giving over our fertility. Basically give it to the Lord’s and the Lord’s will. Some of us don’t even realize that God has a will in that area. I mean, it seems obvious when you look back on it that he does, but I remember in particular growing up and my mom she had three children, but she had cancer so she couldn’t have beyond the three, but she would have had as many as the Lord would have given her.

She loved being a mother. And so she imparted that to me. But somewhere along the line it seemed like there was a lot of pressure to have two and be done, you know, after all, we are told were overpopulated. Right. I had my son and then had my daughter and my mindset was I’m done. And I didn’t even ask God what he thought about that. And in fact, sadly my first response to knowing it was a little girl was, well praise God, go ahead and come up to you. I am mortified by the fact that that would come out of my mouth at a time when I’m birthing a precious daughter.

And so you can imagine the heartache whenever I realized that – I didn’t even ask God what he thought. I didn’t know that you could ask God about different areas of your life. Oh my goodness, it is kind of one of the first commands before fruitful and multiply. But I don’t guess, I don’t think I realized that that was for me as well as for Adam and Eve, you know, in the Bible.

At some point, I changed my mind and had a surgery to reverse -for me to get everything back. Wow. You know? And that my story. The rest of the way was a very difficult story. I went through the next few years where I lost at least seven babies that I know of. The first pregnancy was a tubal pregnancy, which was really mortifying to me. And I’ve never really walked through tough things like that. And it was, it was really, it was trying, it was a place of me getting angry at God may get angry. The world was so rude about it. It was kinda like, well, you can have another, you know, I’m like, hello, this was I child, a human being.

Trusting God with your family size takes faith!

  1. God so knows us and he knows every person. He plans and wills to create such a personal way that he knows them and places the opportunities for them to be conceived in the womb. And he knows their days before there’s even one that means he’s involved in that part of it. And whatever that may mean to someone. This means that if you can trust God, you can trust God with your fertility, with your reproduction, with your family size. He, he doesn’t have plans to hurt you, to harm you, to take away your hope and your future and, and ruin your life.
  2. God does will to give you hope, a future to prosper you, to bless you. And to me, the greatest of all blessings and all the things I have had, all the accomplishments I’ve had, my greatest blessings are my children and my grandchildren. The blessing of being able to see my children fulfill their callings in life, to seeing them bless other people.
  3. God does not zap you! I think some of the mentality is — “Oh goodness, I’m pregnant.”¬† If we are struggling with the pregnancy – well, why are we?
  4. Our culture has sold us awful lies about children and about family. And, and I believe we’re at a season right now where God is wanting to turn the hearts of the fathers and the mothers back towards their homes, towards their children, towards family, towards legacy. And if we can really grasp that, I think that we will, we will really live the life that really matters.
  5. We have a story as Christians that goes beyond the stories of other worldviews and our culture. And, and let me just say this, the enemy, Satan, I’m an unashamed Christian. I believe from the bottom of my heart that the enemy is going to strike out at anything that’s on the heart of God.
  6. There is a battle for the womb and for trusting God. I mean we live in a postmodern post-Christian world. I don’t want to have to say that I always wanted to believe it was Christian, but we are not there anymore. And we have to wake up the younger generation in our culture, they have been trained up with ideas that make them open to a whole lot of things except God. And that makes them open and makes them resistant and even hostile to some of the things like, you know, trusting God with your birth control. You know, and yet I think the church, we have to wake up.

I just finished a class about God’s transformative agent in the world. And it wasn’t exactly the class I thought it was going to be. It was so much more. And one of the things that they were talking about was the state that the culture’s in and it can make you think this is really bad stuff. However, the state we’re in has forced Christians to wake up and to say, okay, wait, we do have answers for this. There is truth, there is identity, there is a purpose that is alive. And that’s some of the battle we are in that will effect future generations.

Now it’s like there’s this fight between right and wrong and darkness and right and, and, and godliness. And there’s just good and evil. You see it so, so out there. I mean all you have to do is turn on faith for a moment the mainstream media.

If people see a happy marriage they want to learn from you. Or if they see children that are just so I’m on fire for God and the family they will want to know more. Sometimes we want to put the blame, for example, I didn’t hear it, a church or I didn’t hear it here or you know, I didn’t grow up hearing that. Well in our family I did grow up hearing that, you know, that kids were a blessing and that, you know, we needed to be open to that. But you know, going to school, going to college, a lot of that changed in my life because you are told about how you need to be empowered as women and stand up for yourself and so forth. You don’t want to get trampled on. But for me the biggest accomplishment of my life, is my marriage and my children.


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