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Join professional counselor and certified trauma therapist Margaret Vasquez for an inspiring and practical look at human and spiritual integration from a Catholic perspective.  Gain practical understanding, tips, and tools for personal integration and healthy relationships for lives of wholeness and holiness.

Margaret is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Trauma Therapist, Certified Intensive Trauma Therapy Instructor, both a Certified Traumatologist and Field Traumatologist, and is Certified in Myers-Briggs.  After over 15+ years of treating trauma clients of all ages, presenting to a wide variety of groups in-person and through guest appearances on EWTN, radio shows, and podcasts, Margaret Vasquez founded Sacred Heart Healing Ministries, which provides healing retreats and trauma-informed care certification training.  Margaret is the Coordinator of Human and Spiritual Integration at Ave Maria University. She began serving as a consultant for Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Institute for Diaconal renewal, presenting workshops and retreats to religious, priests, deacons, and lay people.  She now makes these same retreats and workshops available to you in her new book Fearless and through in-person and online retreats and workshops.

Margaret suffered for many years as a traumatized person before finding healing and freedom through a variation of the therapy she has honed.  Due to this experience, coupled with a degree in Theology from Franciscan University, she sees the challenges of life from a perspective of human and spiritual integration.  Understanding that wholeness and holiness are inextricably interwoven, Margaret has a passion for helping you live in the freedom and peace the Lord has for you.

Visit Margaret’s Website at: https://sacredhearthealingministries.com/ for more information on intensive trauma therapy, healing retreats, and trauma-informed care certification.

Father David Tickerhoof is a retired priest living at the Holy Spirit Friary at the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio.

Reviews for Margaret’s Books

Fearless: Abundant Life Through Infinite Love

If prayer and meditation are a means for developing a relationship with God, this book will not only help you to do that, but it will also challenge you to connect with Him with all of your being. Margaret is eloquent and yet writes in a clear, easy-to-understand, down-to-earth manner. Many of us struggle in prayer, or we may find ourselves feeling alone even when surrounded by people and engaged. Others live in an inner world of anxiety and chaos because they are disconnected from their true selves. Each of these issues is addressed in Margaret’s book, FEARLESS. As we seek out wholeness and connection, Margaret challenges us to live beyond our fears towards a deeper ability to give and receive love through a deeper connection to God, others, and ourselves.

More Than Words: the Freedom to Thrive After Trauma

A great resource for parents, teachers, and others who work closely with people struggling with the effects of trauma on their lives. Full of inspirational stories and hope that there is a way to move on from trauma. I cannot wait for follow-up books!

Wholeness and Holiness Podcast
Wholeness and Holiness Podcast
Margaret Vasquez

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Valuing and Being Valued

Valuing & Being Valued To value another the way God values them means seeing them as they truly are, a treasure of immeasurable worth. People are not a means to an end. In other words, whether we agree or disagree with someone has nothing to do with their inherent value. I could disagree with someone’s […]

Openness from Others

Openness from Others A number of years ago, I was supervising a team of therapists, and at the end of the workday, I received a call from one of them wanting to consult about a teenager she was treating in a weeklong intensive program. The therapist said she didn’t think the child was appropriate for […]

Openness With Others

Openness with Others Being open with others is something that requires great courage. Hopefully, by this point, we can begin to put the pieces of connection together and see how they interplay. We have looked at how having a foundation of being known deeply and treasured dearly by God gives us the highest authority upon […]

Respecting the Boundaries of Others

Respecting the Boundaries of Others Everyone is unique and has their own body, mind, and spirit. Each of us has the responsibility for setting our own boundaries in these areas. We all are required to obey the laws set out by rightful authority (not going against our informed consciences). Within those parameters, we are all […]

Boundaries for Others

Boundaries for Others Good fences make good neighbors. – Robert Frost As a therapist, I’ve noticed that not many people, at least not many who come to therapy, have been taught good things about boundaries. In fact, some people have been directly or indirectly sent very negative messages about them. Many have been given the […]

Connection to Others

Connection to Others There can be an imbalance in parenting when a child is taught he’s very special, but isn’t taught everyone else is, too. This quickly plays itself out in behavioral issues and entitlement. There is a danger in connection to ourselves and the Lord without this third leg of connection to others to […]

Body, Mind, Spirit

Body, Mind, Spirit God created man. He didn’t create spirit, soul, and body separately and then somehow weave them together. In the scripture quote above, St. Paul refers to all three of these aspects as what makes us an entire person. Because of the great expanse of knowledge regarding the different facets of the person, […]

Openness with Myself

Openness with Myself Like any relationship, your relationship to yourself is a process. When you look at a baby or small child, do you think they have a grasp on the fullness of who they are as an individual? No! Rather, it is through the process of being loved by their parents, discovering their strengths […]

My Boundaries for Myself

My Boundaries for Myself Boundaries are protective limits to ensure safety, health, and right order. They aren’t just a right, but a responsibility, because they are an essential component of being good stewards of ourselves. We put gates up in homes with babies and toddlers to protect them from dangerous situations. They also protect caregivers […]

Valuing Myself

Valuing Myself How common is it for us to find value in our performance, talents, skills, physical appearance, wealth, or status? The scripture at the beginning of this section puts our value in right perspective because it reveals God’s perspective. Jonah was sent by God to preach repentance to the Ninevites and, when they did […]

Connection to Self

Connection to Self Healthy confidence and self-worth are fruits of personal integration. The same factors that are essential for connection to God are also essential for connection to self – being known, valued, and open, and having healthy boundaries. Ideally, a child experiences being known, valued, accepted, and protected by good and loving parents. When […]

Going Deeper

Going Deeper When we take a moment to look at nature, we find that life is always a process. Whether it is the acorn becoming a mighty oak, an egg hatching into a duckling, or a baby growing into an adult, life is a process. Since physical life is a process, why would emotional and […]


Powerlessness The common denominator throughout almost every experience that causes us suffering is that of powerlessness.  As people, we have limited ability to affect change in situations that are difficult for us or for those we care about. This in no way diminishes our fundamental value; it simply part of the human condition. We come […]

Knowing Myself

Knowing Myself What is the truth of who we are as God sees us? In creating us he made us in his own image and likeness and called us very good. (Genesis 1:31) He called us his own and bound himself in covenant with us. He has a plan for our good. He sent his […]


Suffering There are times in all our lives when we go through trials: illness, rejection, abuse, death of a loved one, or loss of a dream, just to name a few. When such things happen, it can be difficult to stay rooted in the truth of God’s connection to us. Even if we’ve had mountaintop […]

Embracing God’s Boundaries

Embracing God’s Boundaries In our connection to God and fully seeking to respond to his love for us, we now come to the concept of embracing the boundaries he sets for us. We’ve discussed morality as God’s protection over us since he is our all-loving creator. The Ten Commandments are the starting point of these […]

Valuing God

Valuing God In taking up this section on valuing God, something a friend of mine once said to me comes to mind, “God can’t be a priority.” Her point was that he is all; he is the only priority. Consider the passion of our Lord: if Jesus’ commitment to us wasn’t absolute, things could have […]

Knowing God

Knowing God Knowing God is crucial.  We’ve already been discussing connection to God and mostly it’s been about who he is and how he is toward us. We see he is personal, knows us perfectly, desires for us to experience profound intimacy with him, cherishes us beyond measure, and operates in our best interest, (which […]

Openness with God

Openness with God The human body is made up of about seventy percent water. Water is necessary for healthy energy levels and flushing toxins and plays a key role in the proper functioning of our whole system. We need it for refreshment on a hot day, for cleansing of dirt and sweat, and it is […]

God’s Openness

God’s Openness The God of the entire universe, who is all-knowing and all-powerful, is open in relating to us. One of my favorite scripture verses is from the short little book Baruch, “Blessed are we, O Israel; for what pleases God is known to us!” (Baruch 4:4). How amazing it is that he chooses to […]

God Provides Boundaries

God Provides Boundaries The reason we started with the concept of connection to God was so we could have a clear understanding of the fact he is with us, knows us intimately, values us for who we are and sent his Son to save us by emptying himself on the Cross. He is continually emptying […]


Prayer Personal prayer is essential to internalizing the radical, profound intimacy the living God wants to experience with us. His love for us is infinite. It might be easy to read the last line and agree with it in our head, but in our heart still feel less than adequate, rejected, or forgotten. Our mind […]

Valued by God

Valued by God God’s love for us is unlike any other. As covered in the previous section, God created us and so knows us and loves us intimately. Now consider he does so knowing he will always be giving to us far more than we could ever begin to repay, far more than we will […]

Known by God

Known by God As we begin to take a look at our connection to the Lord, we start with the fact that he deeply and personally knows us. Ideally, we would have had a sense of being known (seen and heard as an individual who is very good) by our parents and caregivers as children. […]

Chosen for Divine Intimacy

Chosen for Divine Intimacy It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you… – John 15:16 FEARLESS Chapter 3 Chosen for Divine Intimacy. God chose each of us individually out of all the possibilities of people to create, redeem, sanctify, and call into a relationship with himself for all eternity. I remember […]

Connection to God

Connection to God FEARLESS Chapter 2 Connection to God. Jesus is the bread of life.  He is the food for which we are made. What does food do? It nourishes us, gives us energy. Good food makes us healthy, bad food makes us sick, poisoned food can even kill us, but without food we would […]

Connection Overview

Connection Overview FEARLESS: Chapter 1 Connection Overview. What is so important about connection and why pair it together with the concept of holiness? We don’t have to look far to see how God regards community. He models it for us in the Holy Trinity. We see their love, unity and order in relationship to each […]


FEARLESS Preface FEARLESS Preface & Intro. Many years ago, I noticed that healthy connections to God, self, and others are the foundation of peace and fulfillment in life. Without these connections, we perpetuate lies in our minds that become the basis for our self-talk and how we relate to others. These lies chip away at […]

Vocations and Integration

Vocations and Integration Vocations and Integration with Fr. Jonathan McElhone, TOR. Margaret:  Do/how do you see a lack of human and spiritual integration in people today? Fr. Jonathan McElhone, TOR:  People are afraid to make mistakes. At times, I’ve seen people confuse their vocation with their salvation. Vocation is tied to our mission, our path […]

Teaching Self-Talk to Children

Teaching Self-Talk to Children Teaching Self-Talk to Children. Positive self-talk is one of the most important interior skills a person can have.  Unfortunately, it rarely, if ever, gets taught.  Since we listen to ourselves far more than we listen to anyone else, it’s an essential skill to have.  When we have positive self-talk, almost any […]

Interconnected Psychology & Spirituality

Interconnected Psychology & Spirituality Have you ever wondered if psychology and spirituality are interconnected?  I hope so!  Sadly, some people actually think that they are at odds with each other.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.  The Lord made us body, mind, and spirit.  He made us as a whole person.  We are the […]

How to Talk to Mean Voices

How to Talk to Mean Voices In the last episode, we discussed the importance of compassionate self-talk.  So, what do we do with that pesky self-commentary that can be mean or discouraging?  Should I ignore it and think happy thoughts?  NO!  That voice will fester like a splinter, getting more painful.  Ignoring it won’t solve […]

How to Talk to Yourself

How to Talk to Yourself How to Talk to Yourself. When most of us hear about communication workshops and the like, we immediately think of how to relate to others peacefully and effectively.  Would you believe that is actually the end point of communication, not the beginning?  Two critical steps come before speaking with others.  […]

The Struggle is Real!

The Struggle is Real! I grew up in the Deep South and learned to drive a stick shift when I was eight years old; for those under 50, some cars had manual transmissions, meaning that the driver had to change the gears.  In most cars nowadays, that happens automatically.  It was on old, unmarked dirt […]

Having a Ministry Mindset

A Ministry Mindset Having a Ministry Mindset. In Genesis, God put a man in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it.  That was not a result of the fall of man.  It was laboring that resulted from man’s transgression.  God worked for 6 days as He created for six days, contrasting with Him resting on […]

Does Anyone Get It?

Does Anyone Get It? Does Anyone Get It? I want to share with you a devotion that I didn’t come to easily.  Because of my own relationship with my mother, I didn’t want a mother.  And I certainly didn’t want a sorrowful one!  Yet, that was this title of Our Blessed Mother I was forced […]

Interventions to Cope with Stress

Interventions to Cope with Stress Interventions to Cope with Stress. At one time or another, we all experience stress in our lives.  Whether from anxiety and apprehension about the future or pain over hurtful things from the past, we can feel like our emotions hijack our brain and our ability to maintain that gift of […]

Greater Peace, Joy, & Freedom!

Greater Peace, Joy, and Freedom! Greater Peace, Joy, and freedom! Below is a Self-Evaluation regarding the pillars of connection.  I share this tool with you to help you find the areas where the Lord may have even more profound peace, joy, and freedom for you.  This is not a weapon to use to beat yourself […]

Discipline and Discipleship

Discipline and Discipleship Why does discipleship conjure up such a beautiful sentiment for most of us, but discipline not so much?  If you’re like me, you might feel like discipline is about how you are not good enough, that something more is going to be required from you, and you already feel like you’re at […]

Finding Healing for Holiness and Healthy Relationships

Finding Healing for Holiness and Healthy Relationships Finding Healing for Holiness and Healthy Relationships. We all share a call to holiness, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church points out, and the Scriptural basis for this comes from Ephesians 1:4, where we hear that we were chosen in Jesus by the Father before the world […]

Parenting as God Parents

Parenting as God Parents Parenting as God Parents. Parenting is a tall order.  Not only does it mean forming little minds and souls while keeping little bodies protected and provided for but parents image God.  How we relate to little people as parents or in roles of authority becomes how they perceive the Lord.  Because […]

Tips for Connection

Tips for Connection Tips for Connection. Following are some very practical ways you can approach parenting to give both you and your child a sense of predictability and peace.  Know that if you are a new parent, these will be easier than if you have not been parenting in this way and make the switch […]

Parenting for Connection

Parenting for Connection Parenting for Connection. Connection to God, self, and others is fundamentally important to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.  Without it, we seek to self-medicate the emptiness through all sorts of things that will never satisfy and will only further the disconnection.  So, when we consider the task of parenting […]

Diligence Overtakes Sloth

Diligence Overtakes Sloth Diligence Overtakes Sloth. One of the cardinal or key virtues, that of fortitude, helps us in the forming of the virtue of diligence.  Being diligent means being consistently oriented toward the good.  It helps us take the desire and aspiration for good and make it practical and real.  The strength (fortitude) when […]

Growing Charity to Uproot Greed

Growing Charity to Uproot Greed Growing Charity to Uproot Greed. Charity is the virtue that wars against greed.  Generosity can be used interchangeably with the word charity.  Perhaps charity has become so overused that we can forget the real meaning.  We give to charities which do good to those in need and are called to […]

Meekness, Uprooting Anger

Meekness, Uprooting Anger Meekness, Uprooting Anger. Growing in virtue is what happens when our conscience becomes more and more penetrated by the truth that the Lord perfectly provides for and protects us within the loving boundaries of how He has called us to live.  We needn’t struggle and strive to earn a sense of value.  […]

Friends in High Places

Friends in High Places Friends in High Places. Sometimes in life, we can feel quite lonely for reasons that might be physical, emotional, or spiritual.  Perhaps we are living far away from support, need to travel a lot, or perhaps we recently lost a loved one.  We can feel emotionally alone, as though no one […]

Model of Honesty

Model of Honesty A Model of Honesty, Authenticity, and Courage – St. Margaret of Cortona Model of Honesty. St Margaret of Cortona lived back in the 1200s.  Her mother died when she was a young child, and her father remarried a woman who was cruel to Margaret.  When she was 17 years old, she left […]

Humility Month

Humility Month Celebrate June – Humility Month! Humility Month. In 1675, Jesus appeared to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, revealed His Sacred Heart, and asked for a feast celebrating His Heart in June.  There are so many things in the image of the Sacred Heart for each one of us to receive personally and to imitate. […]

Growing Chastity and Uprooting Lust

Growing Chastity and Uprooting Lust Growing Chastity and Uprooting Lust. We are bombarded with lustful images daily.  Billboards, commercials, song lyrics, and the like are often filled with impurity.  It can be difficult to live lives of purity and chastity.  Yet, it is that to which we are called.  Why does God ask that of […]

Growing Gratitude, Kindness

Growing Gratitude, Kindness Uprooting Envy Growing Gratitude Kindness. Envy is the vice of wanting something that isn’t mine.  Which is actually wanting something contrary to what the Lord knows will lead me to the joy, peace, and contentment He has for me.  When we don’t stay rooted and grounded in love like St. Paul tells […]

Growing Humility Uprooting Pride

Growing Humility Uprooting Pride Growing Humility Uprooting Pride. Scripture tells us to choose the way of humility rather than pride.  It tells us that God favors the humble and humbles the proud.  Jesus even came to give us an example to follow.  His whole earthly life was, from first to last, a wondrous showcase of […]

Growing Virtue and Uprooting Vice

Growing Virtue and Uprooting Vice Growing Virtue and Uprooting Vice. For the longest time, I would bristle when I would hear people talking about growing virtue and rooting out vice because so many times it sounded like something they were engineering.  I’m thoroughly convinced that growing in holiness is something I’m completely incapable of on […]

Freedom from Pornography Part 2

Freedom from Pornography Part 2 Interview with Steve Pokorny Freedom from Pornography Part 2 with Steve Pokorny, founder of Freedom Coaching and author of Redeemed Vision:  Setting the Blind Free from the Pornified Culture, sat down with me to finish our discussion.  Make sure you check out Part 1 from last week to hear how […]

Freedom From Pornography

Freedom From Pornography Part 1 Interview with Steve Pokorny Freedom From Pornography with Steve Pokorny, founder of Freedom Coaching (Freedom-Coaching.net), joined me to discuss his mission to set the captives free from the addiction to pornography.  He grew up in Cleveland, OH, suburbs.  His father was a Vietnam veteran and suffered from its lingering effects, […]

Suffering Is a Pain

Suffering Is a Pain Suffering Is a Pain. This is a topic that is always with us in this life!  As Catholics we often hear about the redemptive power of suffering.  How are we to do that in a way that is powerful and in a way where we collaborate with the grace the Lord […]

Matter of Life and Death

Matter of Life and Death Matter of Life and Death. In Scripture, we hear a lot about dying to ourselves.  We are commanded to do it and told it is essential for life.  So, what does that actually mean?  What is dying to ourselves?  Is there a value in suffering for the sake of suffering?  […]

Don’t Believe the Lies

Don’t Believe the Lies Don’t Believe the Lies. Margaret Vasquez’s Testimony. When Satan can get us to question God’s goodness and who He is as our Good Father and who we are as His beloved children, anything is possible in a really bad way.  It goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden.  […]

Repentance Those Hurt by Church Leadership

Repentance Those Hurt by Church Leadership Repentance is important, especially if you have been hurt by church leaders. I was away from the Church for a number of years because of the abuse I suffered at the hands of Church leadership.  Maybe you or someone you love is in that same place in their walk.  […]

Our Identity in Christ

Our Identity in christ Our identity is crucial to our personal wholeness and growth in holiness.  It’s a buzzword these days in secular society.  No matter who we are, how we live is going to flow from our identity.  Another way to say it is we behave according to who we believe we are.  For […]

Into the Desert with Jesus

Into the Desert with Jesus The Scriptural basis for the 40 days of Lent is found in Jesus’ own going into the desert for 40 days after His baptism.  In Matthew 4:1-11 we read (on air). The devil tempted the Lord toward sensual satisfaction, testing the Father, power, and popularity.  These are all ways in […]

Lent A New Springtime

Lent A New Springtime If you find the time of Lent to be one of heaviness and drudgery, this is the podcast for you!  Fr. David and I discuss the beauty of new life that comes from eliminating the distractions and dissipation of life and allowing our hearts to be attracted to the Lord.  Jesus, […]

Counseling vs Coaching

Counseling vs Coaching What’s the Difference Between Counseling and Coaching? Counseling vs Coaching. They are both used in regard to wellness these days.  So, what’s the difference between them?  How do I know which one is right for me?  A governing body regulates counseling in each of the United States.  The laws and regulations of […]

Response to Powerlessness

Response to Powerlessness ~ Don’t Waste  Suffering!   Our response to powerlessness. There’s a pattern I’ve noticed as a therapist and experienced personally.  It’s a deeply frustrating pattern, but it’s quite typical for us as human beings.  When we experience the suffering that comes from being powerless in painful circumstances, the natural fear we can […]

Practical Connection Tips

Practical Connection Tips We all know that creating and having practical connections are harder than we think. Whether you’re a priest, religious, clergy, teacher, mental health professional, spiritual director, or medical professional, these are some ways you can boost the rapport in your relationships by honoring the dignity of those to whom you’re relating. The […]

The Key to Marriage

Would you believe that the key to marriage isn’t your relationship with your spouse?  Do you know that we all have the same primary vocation regardless of our state in life?  The truth is that the key to marriage is that our primary vocation is that of union with the Lord!  It’s true!  Monks, hermits, […]

What Is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

Acts 1:8 “But, you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” Do you feel like you need power?  The Lord promises it to us through His Spirit coming upon us! If you grew up like many of us did without exposure to such language or experience, you might be wondering just what […]

Humility: The Path to Freedom and Peace

In Mary’s Magnificat she declares her own lowliness and rejoices in the fact that the Lord raises up the lowly.  She sees and openly acknowledges her own littleness.  That’s not a false humility.  She is in touch with the reality of who she is before God.  She also lays out a stark contrast between how […]

Overcoming Blocks to God’s Love

Overcoming Blocks to God’s Love Overcoming Blocks to God’s love is important, but God’s love is key to the spiritual life.  As we’ve discussed in the past couple of shows, He loves us infinitely and intimately and sent Jesus to reveal His love for us, to make it manifest to us in a real way […]

God’s Love Incarnate

The Incarnation of Jesus is so crucial.  Jesus is God’s love made manifest to the world!  For this reason, St. Francis of Assisi saw Christmas as the highest of the feast days!  When he made his conversion, God started to work in him in new and beautiful ways and right at the heart of it […]

Identity Is Key

Identity is at the core of human and spiritual integration.  It’s key to us being able to act from a mature human place and to being spiritually mature.  There are so many things that clamor for our identity and that some gravitate towards – being a member of a certain club, or organization, having wealth […]

Keeping It Real

In the last podcast with Coach Kelly Herrmann, there was something she shared about how she has approached coaching over the years that helped her align her actions with her beliefs.  I was really struck by it, and it has been a gift to me to distill those principles out of the arena of athletics […]

Christians in the Arena

Join me for the final episode in this series with Coach Herrmann and I discuss the role sports can play in character formation!   Coach Kelly Herrmann – now a wife, mom, grandma, health coach, author, and speaker was a fixture in sports at Franciscan University of Steubenville for decades.  Having given up a full […]

The Role of Sports in Christian Character Formation

Join me as Coach Herrmann and I discuss the role sports can play in character formation!   Coach Kelly Herrmann – now a wife, mom, grandma, health coach, author, and speaker was a fixture in sports at Franciscan University of Steubenville for decades.  Having given up a full ride to play division one basketball, she […]

Faith Formation in Athletics

Meet Coach Kelly Herrmann – Faith Formation in Athletics   Today, I’m joined by Kelly who I’ve known for about 30 years.  She’s coached, refereed, umpired for decades in sports of all types and is now a wife, mother, grandmother, and health coach, author and speaker. Kelly has a passion for forming athletes in faith […]

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

The Sacrament of Reconciliation, what we as Catholics commonly refer to as Confession, is a great and powerful occasion for grace and yet sometimes we hesitate to go out of fear, shame, and embarrassment.  Margaret discusses the sacrament with Fr. David in his role as a priest of over 55 years.   Confession is a […]

The Importance of Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness is highly important to mental health and spiritual growth.  If we don’t have it, we can stay stymied and even spiral downwards in our relationships to ourselves, God, and others.  Sometimes, we are hard on ourselves out of fear of failing even worse if we ‘let ourselves off the hook’.  However, it has the […]

Prayers versus Prayer

What is the difference between prayers and prayer? Prayer isn’t just ‘caught’ it needs to be ‘taught’.  Prayer is based on the Lord’s grace and so it is a gift. 

Conversion 2.0: God in My Life vs Me in God’s Life

Fr. David shares about how he experienced the Lord telling him he was running his own life and asked him to let the Lord Himself run his life.

Journey From the False Self to the True Self

How do we make that journey?  It’s a process of grace and coming to understand more and more who God is and what He asks of us.

Suffering and Healing

God intends great things for our lives, but when we look at our personal sufferings, that can be hard to hold onto.  What are we to do with suffering when we don’t experience healing? 

What the Lord Taught Me When I Lived with a Serial Killer

In 1997, I ended up in a roommate situation that turned out to be one of the most dramatic experiences of my life, but the Lord actually used it to teach me tremendous lessons about His wisdom, goodness, power, provision, and desire to be intimately involved in the details of our lives.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux

Margaret and Fr. David discuss The Context of Holiness by Fr. Marc Foley, OCD as he examined human and spiritual integration in the life of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. 

Baptism in Fire!

Margaret Vasquez, LPCC and Fr. David Tickerhoof, TOR discuss the notion of the baptism in fire that was foretold by St. John the Baptist. 

Applying the Principles of Human and Spiritual Integration

As we develop in these areas we grow in both human and spiritual maturity.  These principles help us to focus on being rather than doing.

Charity Toward Others and Healthy Relating

Compassion, mercy, and forgiveness are essential for healthy relationships.  We become the hands and feet of the Lord by relating to others the way He relates to us. 

Personal Integration and Charity Toward Others

It’s essential for lives of wholeness and holiness that we grow in communion with the Lord, personal integration, and charity toward others. 

The Importance of Human and Spiritual Integration

As Christians we can tend to over spiritualize, and secular society tends to under spiritualize. We need a paradigm by which to understand how to build a firm foundation that includes both human and spiritual maturity. 

Digging into the Biology of Trauma

Continuing in our understanding of the biology of trauma, trauma is anything that overwhelms the person’s normal ability to cope. 

Introduction to Trauma Series: Avoiding Spiritual Identity Theft

Episode #2 – Introduction to Trauma Series (Avoiding Spiritual Identity Theft!) Have you or someone you love endured sufferings in which you continue to feel stuck?  Does this leave you feeling confused or even fearful, perhaps even rejected or abandoned by God?  Unfortunately, there are so many types of trauma and such experiences are so […]

What is Wholeness and Holiness Podcast?

Have you ever wondered how our natural human lives and the spiritual life are connected?