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Join professional counselor and certified trauma therapist Margaret Vasquez for an inspiring and practical look at human and spiritual integration from a Catholic perspective.  Gain practical understanding, tips, and tools for personal integration and healthy relationships for lives of wholeness and holiness.

Margaret is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Trauma Therapist, Certified Intensive Trauma Therapy Instructor, both a Certified Traumatologist and Field Traumatologist and is Certified in Myers-Briggs.  After over 15+ years treating trauma clients of all ages, presenting to a wide variety of groups in-person and through guest appearances on EWTN, radio shows, and podcasts, Margaret Vasquez founded Sacred Heart Healing Ministries which provides intensive trauma therapy, healing retreats, and trauma-informed care certification training.  She began serving as a consultant for Franciscan University of Steubenville’s Institute for Diaconal renewal, and presenting workshops and retreats to religious, priests, deacons, and lay people.  She now makes these same retreats and workshops available to you in her new book Fearless and through in person and online retreats and workshops.

Margaret suffered for many years as a traumatized person before finding healing and freedom through a variation of the therapy she has honed over the years.  Due to this experience coupled with a degree in Theology from Franciscan University, she sees the challenges of life from a perspective of human and spiritual integration.  Understanding that wholeness and holiness are inextricable interwoven, Margaret has a passion for helping you live in the freedom and peace the Lord has for you.

Visit Margaret’s Website at: https://sacredhearthealingministries.com/ for more information on intensive trauma therapy, healing retreats, and trauma-informed care certification.

Father David Tickerhoof is a retired priest living at the Holy Spirit Friary at the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio.

Reviews for Margaret’s Books

Fearless: Abundant Life Through Infinite Love

If prayer and meditation are a means for developing a relationship with God, this book will not only help you to do that, but it will also challenge you to connect with Him with all of your being. Margaret is eloquent and yet writes in a clear easy to understand down to earth manner. Many of us find ourselves struggling in our prayer or we may find ourselves feeling alone even when we are surrounded by people and engaged. Others of us live in an inner world of anxiety and chaos because we are disconnected from our true selves. Each of these issues are addressed in Margaret’s book, FEARLESS. As you seek out wholeness and connection, Margaret challenges us to live beyond our fears towards a deeper ability to give and receive love through a deeper connection to God, others and ourselves.

More Than Words: the Freedom to Thrive After Trauma

Great resource for parents, teachers and others who work closely with people struggling with the effects of trauma on their lives. Full of inspirational stories and hope that there is a way to move on from trauma. I cannot wait for follow up books!

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Have you ever wondered how our natural human lives and the spiritual life are connected?