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Working Women Radio Show

Welcome to The Working Woman Radio Show where we have real conversations about the unique issues working women face. I am your host Deanna Johnson Cauthen.

I’d first like to say that hosting this show is a dream come true for me. I am honored to have this opportunity to share some of my experiences as a wife, a mother, and a woman who has worked as an entrepreneur for the past 30 years. 

Secondly, you will not just be hearing from me. I will be interviewing women from a broad spectrum of the community. They, too, will share the wisdom that they’ve gained from their work struggles and successes.

Finally, I want to hear from you. The Working Woman Radio Show wants to know what your needs are as a working woman. We want to know about the challenges you face and the burdens you bear. We want to hear your opinions and ideas about how we can make the workplace experience better for women. As the host, I want the conversations that start here, not to end here. I want The Working Woman Radio Show to be a catalyst for future conversations, and more importantly, for change. I encourage you to reach out to me via The Working Woman Radio Show Facebook page and leave a comment. You can also send an email to because I want to hear from you.  With that being said, God bless, and we will see you next time on The Working Woman Radio Show!



The Working Woman Radio Show Receives Commendation, State Resolution

On Friday, March 19, Deanna Johnson Cauthen, the host of The Working Woman Radio Show was awarded a commendation from State Representative Zulma Lopez for the work that she has done with the podcast in the community.

“I consider it a privilege and an honor to receive this award. It encourages me to continue to do the work to educate and inspire women in the community. I want to thank my husband, Andrew, who is my recording engineer and takes care of all the technical aspects of the show, and my daughter, Adrianna, who helps me with social media and other administrative duties. Without them, The Working Woman Radio Show would not be possible. I also want to thank you Representative Zulma Lopez for taking the time to recognize me. I am sincerely grateful”, said Mrs. Cauthen.



To see a copy of the commendation/ House Resolution 244, click here.
To view a short video of the ceremony, click the link below.







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The Working Woman Radio Show

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