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In the Catholic Church, there is a group of men, called permanent deacons who are married and serve in various ways. This episode looks at how one man heard his call to become a deacon and acted on it.

Who is it?

It’s my husband, Deacon John, and I am happy to have you hear his story of how God spoke to him. It is a personal story and certainly not the experience of all deacons. But, that’s the way God works. He treats each of us as the unique individuals we are, not reaching us in the same way.

What is a permanent deacon?

A permanent deacon is a man, married or single, who wants to serve God in a particular way. Each diocese has different rules as to the age of the man, the schooling required, and other variables. What is consistent though is that deacons are ordained to serve at the altar and proclaim the Gospel at Mass. They can also baptize, officiate at weddings, and bless items that people want to have blessed.

Why did I interview my husband now?

Because this month is his 5 year anniversary as a deacon. I thought it would be nice to share his story.


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This week, take a few minutes to thank a deacon for saying yes and serving God and the Church. If you don’t know a deacon, thank your pastor, priest, a sister – a person you are grateful for who said yes to God.



  1. Peggy Rowe-Linn says

    DEANNA, That was wonderful! John did a superb job! I had no idea what his call was like. I was happy to hear him share his calling. Thanks for getting him to talk to all of us. PegofHisHeart

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