Called by God

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What is my purpose?

“Each one of us has been called from all eternity to fulfil a divine vocation. God the Father brought us into life (no one has been born by accident). He created our soul. He drew us into his intimate life through the Sacrament of Baptism. By means of this sacrament God has commissioned us; He has put his seal upon us and given us his Spirit in our hears as a gurantee. He has given us a specific work to accomplish in this life and has prepared a plcae for us in heaven.”  In Conversation with God, Volume 5, Father Francis Fernandez

Who created us?

God created us and calls us to a divine vocation. It may not always look the same as we move through life, but that is not the point. The point is to do the small, daily things that help us move forward in our vocation.

He created our souls. And that means we ought to nurture them with love.  Soul care is a means of honoring who we are in relation to God and thanking him for our souls.



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