Do Catholics Worship Mary?

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Spoiler alert: the answer is “No!”

“When the fullness of time had come, God sent his Son, born of a woman.” Gal 4:4 We venerate, honor, and have great respect for Mary. We ask for her intercession because she is so close to Jesus. But we do not worship her. Worship is for God.

Mary does not appear often in the Gospels. When the angel Gabriel comes to her and asks her to be the mother of Jesus her yes is an example of total obedience and humility. That she could say yes in that way was a grace given to her, out of love, by God. And the more she said yes to God the more grace she received. That is something we can all emulate. Saying yes to God, receiving the grace we need to move forward, leading to the next yes.

Mary shows us what we can aspire to in her yes.


This is one of my favorite images of Mary, painted by  Roberto Ferruzzi in Italy in 1897.


the not lukewarm challenge

For your Not Lukewarm challenge this week, find an image of Mary that you like. Maybe it comforts you or you draws you closer to her. Here is a list with information on different images.


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