Does God have footprints?

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This post and podcast was done in collaboration with my husband, Deacon John; hope you enjoy it.

God the Father in heaven sent His Son to us here on earth as a manifestation of His merciful love for us. By the Holy Spirit, Jesus was incarnate of the Virgin Mary. He left actual footprints where He walked here on earth because he was a physical being.

God the Father, on the other hand, is our spiritual Father in heaven and does not make footprints. Or does He?

What is a footprint?

An online dictionary has a few definitions of footprint, one of which is: “a unique set of characteristics, actions, etc. that leave a trace and serve as a means of identification.” So this made me think that WE are God’s footprint. All of us. In everything we do or say we leave a trace. And this trace is visible and seen by those we meet in our everyday life. People are watching. People are listening. And I don’t mean in a spy sort of way. But people just can’t help seeing and hearing others as they act and talk.

Be an example

And since people do watch and listen we must be great examples of Christians living the Christian way of life. That is why we are here. We are made in the image and likeness of God and we need to be shining examples of that to everyone. My favorite gospel verse is the quote in John 2:5. The Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus along with many others are at the wedding feast in Cana. Mary notices the wine is running out and suggests Jesus can help. She tells the servers to “do whatever he tells you.” This is great advice to us as to how to live our lives. Do whatever Jesus tells us to do. And Jesus speaks to us the Gospels. He is the greatest example as to how to live for the glory of God.

We do well to live our life as an example to others as Jesus Christ is an example to us. And that will be our challenge this week!


  1. Kathy Gruber says

    Hi Deanna,
    llistened to your podcast on Monday and am working daily on the challenge. My book from Fr Burns has still not arrived so I plan to yune in tomorrow eve whether or not the book comes tomorrow. I am still having a great deal of pain in the back of my legs. It got much worse after my PT evaluation. THink it was too soon for active exercise, so I am going to postpone more PT until the pain abates. I will plan to be with you tomorrow eve Wednesday, at 6:30 pm. If this is incorrect please let me know right away. Also please resend your cell # as some how it did not get into my phone. Blessings, Kathy

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