Faith at the Empty Tomb

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Happy Easter

I hope that if you pull this up on Good Friday, you wait for another day to listen. This is a resurrection meditation! Filled with the good news of Jesus’ triumph over death.

A Fresh Hope

Each year we celebrate Easter to remind ourselves, yet again, that Jesus gave us our salvation.

The Meditation

The mediation is based on John 20:1-9.  Here are the questions I pose for reflection:

  • In times of grief, do you want to be alone or need others around you?
  • Have you ever not known where Jesus was in your own life?
  • What helped you find him?
  • I have had many resurrections in my life, how about you? Find some time to think about those, maybe write them down and praise and thank God for them.

I didn’t give a Not Lukewarm challenge this week. Instead, I encourage you to spend time in prayer with the reflection questions and scripture passage.

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