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To live in the abundance of the gifts God has given us is not always easy. We may know it in our heads, but it is not in our heart or soul yet. It requires deliberate thought and action on our part. Why? Because it is countercultural; we are human and inclined to sin; we believe the lies that we are undeserving or not good enough; or God is not interested. I believe we can move to abundance with a change of focus.

 Remembering who He is

  1. Do you have a firm belief in God being reliable? Deuteronomy 32:4
  2. Do you know his strength? Psalm 73:26
  3. Do you know that he has great ability? Luke 8:24-25
  4. Do you know that he is truth? John 14:6-7

How can we change our focus?

    1. Prayer
      1. Sacraments
        1. Confession
        2. Eucharist
      2. Daily examination of conscience
  • Scripture
    1. Daily Mass readings
    2. Lectio Divina
    3. Read the Bible in a year
    4. Choose a book of the Bible to read/study



How can we change our disposition?

Surrender:  Surrender Novena (

Humility: Litany of Humility (

Trust: Litany of Trust (

 How to Pray

Lectio Divina:

  1. Lectio (reading/listening): what word does God have for you?
  2. Meditatio (meditation): take the word and ponder it, making it your own.
  3. Oratio (prayer): allow the word to touch and change you.
  4. Contemplatio (contemplation): rest in God’s embrace.

Pray A Daily Examen:

  1.  Ask God for light: looking at my day with God’s eyes, not only mine.
  2. Give thanks: what are you grateful for?
  3. Review the day: with the help of the Holy Spirit look back on your day.
  4. Face your shortcomings: what is wrong in me and in my life, ask for forgiveness.
  5. Look to the day to come: Ask for God’s help and presence in the day to come.

the not lukewarm challenge This week pick one prayer or practice to do. Take your time, you don’t need to be perfect, try your best.

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