Intentionality is the seed of freedom

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Do you ever struggle in prayer? Right, of course, doesn’t everyone at some point or another? Often times, the struggle comes not when we are praying prayers we have memorized or are reading, but when we are trying to meditate or contemplate, to reflect and be with God. We become distracted; we lose focus.

Today guest, Jerry Windley-Doust has a way to help us with those times of distractions during prayer. A journal that helps us reflect on our day with the help of the Holy Spirit. St. Ignatius taught that it was helpful to practice the Examen each day. Jerry’s book, The Daily Examen Journal, helps you walk back through your day asking yourself what did I do, say, think and feel? He uses prompts from saints and images to go through the steps of the Examen.

By being intentional, practicing gratitude and consistency, we enter into the space within us that helps us grow spiritually. We become more united with God and that brings peace.

The journal is meant to be used as a 30-day retreat; an introduction into the practice of the Examen. Jerry explains the steps and offers a few Ignatian prayers, the Anima Christi and the Suscipe before the journal pages. If you are unfamiliar with the Examen or need a refresher the book provides what you need to get started. If you’d like more structure to your prayer life, the journal provides that as well.

The book, The Daily Examen Prayer Journal, is available at Gracewatch. You can learn more about Jerry there or on his Facebook page.

the not lukewarm challengeThis week challenge yourself to practice a nightly Examen. There are instructions and you can download a sample from Jerry’s book here.

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