Mission Family with Heidi Indahl

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Families are the foundation of society yet often overlooked and not supported. Heidi Indahl has written a book to support you and your family. It’s not a self-help guide, but rather, a journal that takes you through the steps of finding out what your mission is as a family. Just as each person has a mission, so does each family.

Heidi suggest that instead of apologizing for being a unique family, we embrace it. She reminds us that we are called to be the primary educators of our family. Working together to craft a family mission statement and rule of life empowers us and reminds us that we are called to holiness.


Heidi’s book, as a download or physical copy, can be found at Gracewatch. 

You can learn more about Heidi and her work here.

the not lukewarm challengeOur challenge this week? Write a family mission statement.

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