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Do you like to read?

Reading is my favorite way to relax! I’ve read a few of Carolyn Astfalk’s books and thought it would be nice to talk about how she got started writing fiction.

How did she get started?

A few years ago when she had only 2 children and a husband who traveled frequently for business, she took part in a popular writing challenge, write a 50,000-word novel in November. So she did! Currently, she has 4 novels, Stay with Me, Rightfully Ours, Ornamental Graces and All in Good Time. All can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and independent Catholic bookstores.

What I like about her writing

It is real! The characters face real-world contemporary problems and solve them by relying on faith to do so. Each book shows us how mercy works, why we need the sacraments and how grace and forgiveness are ours for the asking. These are novels you can read knowing faith is not an aside but applied in a practical way in the character’s lives. I haven’t read All in Good Time yet,  but plan on it. All the books are geared to adults, mainly women though men read them too. Rightfully Ours is a coming of age novel that is appropriate for older teens as well.

All about Carolyn


This week, read a work of fiction, preferably Catholic or Christian! Tell us your favorite title in the comments.


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