Take Time to Talk

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In this episode, we talk about Chapter 4, Talk it Out, from the book, Habits of Freedom: 5 Ignatian tools for Clearing your Mind and Resting Daily in the Lord by Fr. Christopher J. Collins, SJ.

Deacon John and I had similar yet different takeaways from this chapter. First, the idea or rather, the reality that as children and young people growing up in our families, Jesus was not mentioned outside of church. We went to Mass and maybe talked a bit about the homily on the walk home and then that was all until next week. A great irony when you think about what John and I both do now!

Jesus is not only an intellectual pursuit or study. Yes, we can learn about Him and talk about Him but we also need to talk to Him!


Conversation with others can lead us to desolation or consolation. If we are having a “pity party” and our companion adds to it all then we fall deeper into desolation, maybe withdraw a bit more and keep turning inward. This is not a good idea. In these times, allow “Jesus to interrupt you.” I (Deanna) also liked the idea of talking aloud to Jesus.

John had a bit to say about how his thoughts have changed over time about my need to talk, but I think it’s more interesting to listen to him than have me write it!

Ultimately, reaching out to another helps us tremendously in receiving consolation.

Not Lukewarm Challenge

When you begin to feel like you are spending too much in your thoughts or head and it’s leading you down a path you don’t want to go, find one trusted person to talk to; it can help!

Toward the Good or Evil Spirit

A Production of the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network.

Continuing with Habits of Freedom by Christopher S. Collins, SJ

Chapter 3, Reject the Lie

Jesus’ identity was rooted in God the Father. He knew He was God’s beloved Son. We see that right after His baptism, Jesus is tempted in the desert by the evil one.

Let’s not quickly dismiss Jesus’ ability to withstand temptation, as it says on page 42, Jesus is very good at not falling for the tricks and manipulations of the enemy. I think sometimes we say, well, of course, He is Jesus, He can stand up to the evil one.

So can we!

Our identity is rooted in the same place, the love of God the Father; we are His Beloved child.

Life is full of desolation and consolation. And most of us prefer consolation. Yet we can easily fall into desolation, especially when we do this one that Fr. Collins admits he does, and I know I do it. We question God! We don’t accept the good the Father has for us; we “talk back.”

We hear, “You are my beloved, I delight in you. You give so much of yourself to others; thank you.” And instead of saying thanks, God. We say, “but the other day I screwed up and I’m annoyed with my co-worker and snapped, and, well it can be an endless explanation to the Father as to why He ought not to think well of you!

When we stay in the present, not the past or the future, we are less likely to fall into desolation.


This week, when you pray, listen to what God has to say to you. How you are good and a delight and the apple of His eye. Whatever the words or sense or image you receive, write it down. And when you find yourself going toward a downward spiral of I’m not good enough, read what God gave you in prayer. And accept it with gratitude and love.

I’m also going to tell you this, I have created a course around this topic of getting rid of the past lies we believe and negative thinking that prevents us from living in the truth of how much we are loved and cherished by God. Take a look here to get a free download or sign up for a free webinar.