Interior Disposition

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The Question

What is going on in your soul as you go about your daily life? That is your interior disposition! Your attitude as you go about your life.

Do you look at the chores and mundane pieces and tasks of your life as burdens? No one is paying attention, thankful, or offering accolades. You just keep going, day in and day out.

Shift Focus

Let’s face it; we still need to do the tasks of our life even if they are repetitive and people seem ungrateful. But we can shift our focus from looking at them as a burden to being grateful for the opportunity to live and serve the people in our life God has given us. 

Change Attitude

It is when we change the interior focus that we can focus from doing all the things of life for others to doing it for God. Then we are better able to act with love and care, as God does to us. We may not be perfect at it, but we can try. each day to stop waiting for the world to recognize how amazing we are and simply move forward in doing what God asks of us.



Matthew 6 is an important chapter for me. Specifically, the verse that is repeated often, “And your Father who sees in secret will repay you.” Matthew 6:4b

When you feel a lack of motivation to do the mundane or difficult task of your life, shift your focus to gratitude. Ask God to help you love and serve the person in front of you in the best way.

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