The Holy Spirit’s Gifts, part 2

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Holy Boldness! That’s what the gifts of the Holy Spirit give us.

Our last episode looked at the gifts of wisdom, understanding and counsel.

Let’s look at the gifts of knowledge, fortitude, piety and fear of the Lord.

Knowledge propels us to know God and ourselves and to use that knowledge to grow toward perfect love. We want to give perfect love to God and to others.

Fortitude is what we use to carry our cross and our burdens and overcome obstacles to salvation. It also helps us defend our faith.

Piety helps us to want to serve God joyfully and obediently out of love for him. God does not want us to serve and obey Him out of fear but out of love.

Fear of the Lord is reverence for God and the desire to not displease him.  This reverence and desire come not out of fear, but out of the wonder and awe we have when we see all that God has created and done for us.



Our challenge this week: choose a Holy SPirit prayer and pray it each day.the not lukewarm challenge

Come Holy Spirit

St. Augustine’s Prayer to the Holy Spirit  

Various Holy Spirit Prayers


Invite the Holy Spirit

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