Camping Essentials

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Podcast #45

Camping Essentials

You never know what you might need when camping. Here are some of the essentials to have on hand.

Valor & Stress Away

These are great to help everyone on the trip! They can calm the nerves and help you ease into vacation mode.


This is known as the Swiss Army knife of essential oils. Cuts, scrapes, bug bites, owies, to much sun, sleep, nervous tummy when in doubt grab lavender.


You never know when your immune system will be compromised and sometimes it can take being in cold damp weather or just overdoing it to bring our immune system down a notch. Thieves is a must have! It is also great for cleaning and making sure nothing nasty comes home with you.


Great for adding to your water and cleaning out impurities. Uplifting to moods when diffuse if you are stuck inside or adding it to your fresh caught fish.


This is a must-have when it comes to the hot summer days. A drop in your water keeps your body temperature from climbing and even better spiders and ants do not like peppermint either.


This is a wonderful oil to help support our digestive system, especially while camping. In case you eat something that did not agree with you or maybe you have issues going #2 in new places, this is an oil you want to have.


Keeps you calm, keeps you grounded, keeps the bruises away. This is a must have for any injury.

Citrus Fresh

This is going to help keep the smells away. While your fishing and hiking, it can keep the smells away.

Peace & Calming

This is wonderful to calm the little ones in your life or your furry friends too! It just what it says that it will do, bring feelings of peace and calm.


This little bottle is great for any soreness after your hike, long day rowing, or just for the muscle, you may have all of a sudden noticed that you have after you set up camp.

Purification & Insect Repellent

Purification is helpful to keep the pests away. it also helps to take the itch out if we get a bite. Get for our dogs too! The insect repellent is natural and it doesn’t contain DEET, win-win!


This blend is amazing for respiratory support. After that long hike to the waterfall or a long day canoeing, you want this in your pocket.

Are you ready to camp?

Most of these amazing oils come in one little kit that you can grab here for over 50% off! You will be set for all of your camping trips this summer. Bonus, it includes a diffuser!

Go grab yours today and you will personally have me to help you along the way!

As always, be grateful & have faith.

God Bless!