Toward Forgiveness

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Joseph in the Old Testament

In the story of Joseph, we find an example of forgiveness. Joseph not only forgives his brothers for the wrong they did to him but restores and blesses them. The verses below show a small piece of the story.


” Joseph prepared his chariot and went up to meet his father Israel in Goshen. As soon as Israel made his appearance, Joseph threw his arms around him and wept a long time on his shoulder.” Genesis 46:29

“And Joseph provided food for his father and brothers and his father’s whole household, down to the youngest.”  Genesis 47:12

‘Thus you shall say to Joseph: Please forgive the criminal wrongdoing of your brothers, who treated you harmfully.’ So now please forgive the crime that we, the servants of the God of your father, committed.” When they said this to him, Joseph broke into tears. Then his brothers also proceeded to fling themselves down before him and said, “We are your slaves!” But Joseph replied to them: “Do not fear. Can I take the place of God?  Even though you meant harm to me, God meant it for good, to achieve this present end, the survival of many people.” Genesis 50:17-20

Joseph as a  ‘Type’

We can see a foreshadowing of Jesus in this story of Joseph. He saves his family, the family of Israel, in a time of famine. He forgives his brothers. He restores his brothers and gives them land and herds.

This week, forgive someone.

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