Fun Summer Fiction Reads with Karina Fabian

A Production of the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network.


Karina Fabian loves to write speculative fiction, fantasy, science fiction and horror stories. She reminds us that God gave us our imagination, it is a sacred gift for us to use to create something wonderful. Do you expect to see nuns in space? Or a gumshoe dragon named Vern?

The beginnings

While dating her husband, both in the military, they traded puns on their dates. And then stories followed. So Karina wrote, starting in 1993 and then getting more serious about it in 1997. How serious, well she has over 20 novels and is a part of numerous anthologies.

What’s going on now?

Karina has written journals so you can try your hand at writing. Her website, FabianSpace, has all of her books, published by Laser Cow Press. There is also a blog page with chapters of her latest work. Take a look, she has an amazing imagination and style!

Read a book that is outside your typical style or genre. Read something just for the fun of it!