The Mother of Jesus is Wonderfully Real

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How did this book come about?

One day, Isabel went to camp and was made fun of for wearing a medal of Mary, Our Blessed Mother. She was broken-hearted, and neither her mother or aunt (Alyssa Bormes) could console her. She she and her aunt wrote a letter to a priest friend, Fr. Paul Murray. This book is his answer to her.

How did it come together?

For 9 years, Alyssa asked Fr. Paul if his letter could be made into a book. And one day, he said yes! Then an illustrator needed to be found. Alyssa, asked Jesus and then found Bernadette Gockowski’s business card on her desk. Once she saw her work, Alyssa knew she had found the illustrator!

The Mother of Jesus is Wonderfully Real is published by WINE – Women in the NEw Evangelization and is available on their website.

Story Time

If you would like to use this book for story time, take a look at the ideas WINE created for you to use to help children learn about Mary and how real she is!

More about Alyssa Bormes

You can follow Alyssa on Facebook. And read the story about he24 years of gratitude here.

My niece was devastated when the girls teased her that Mary wasn’t real – but today there is tremendous fruit from her suffering. 24 years ago – I was devastated – but said to God – I’ll give you one shot — and He has spent 24 years making me say “Thank you!” What sufferings have you had that now bear fruit? Can you see that your sufferings today may one-day bear fruit? Prayer: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, please show me the fruit from my suffering. Please show me how to allow the fruit to come to be.


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