The Road to Hope: Responding to the Crisis of Addiction

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Keaton Douglas

Meet Keaton Douglas, who wrote The Road to Hope: Responding to the Crisis of Addiction with Lindsay Schlegel, a book that Keaton hopes gets into the hands of all who want to be an apostle.

Who is Keaton Douglas? She is the Executive Director of the I THIRST Initiative, a Mission of the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity, and is a consultant, educator, counselor, and frequent guest speaker in the field of addiction and recovery, particularly as it pertains to the interface of Catholic spirituality and recovery. She is the creator of the I THIRST Initiative – a comprehensive program that focuses on spirituality in the prevention, treatment, and aftercare of those suffering from substance use disorders and their families. Keaton is the creator of the iTHIRST Spiritual Companionship (ITSC) Training, faith-based formation that instructs lay leaders and clergy on the spiritual dimension of addiction/recovery. The I THIRST curriculum is academically certified through Seton Hall University and is taught there on a continual basis through their Continuing Education and Professional Studies Department, attracting students from all over the United States and abroad.

Why do we need this book?

Each of us is broken in some way. Sometimes the brokenness causes us to lose our way and we turn to things or substances which do not help.

“Additcion is really a desperate response to our desire to fill a hole in the soul that only God can fill.” (Keaton, pg 26)

In order to dispel the myth of the other, we need to accept the mutuality of our woundedness. Whatever broke others may not be what has broken you, but in accepting that we are all broken, we can learn from and be present to each other. It is a matter of changing our perspective.

What struck me

Chapter 2 with the statistics and information about how we have reached, in particular, the opioid crisis. In Chapter 4, there are ideas on how to be a part of the response to the crisis of addiction now.

Summing it up

I can’t sum up the conversation. But I can say this, Keaton Douglas lives  NOTLUKEWARM! I hope you listen to the episode, share it, and then take some action. The Church needs each one of us to be an apostle.

This week, pray and offer a rosary. for those who struggle with all types of addictions. You can use this set of mysteries from the iThirst site if you’d like.

You can purchase a copy of The Road to Hope: Responding to the Crisis of Addiction by Keaton Douglas with Lindsay Schlegel from Our Sunday Visitor.


  1. Ms.Keaton Douglas.. one of the most beautiful people that I have met and the privilege call her my friend and sister in Christ.
    Re: “Additcion is really a desperate response to our desire to fill a hole in the soul that only God can fill.” (Keaton, pg 26)
    This quote from experience is so true. We as human beings take the easy way out or the path of least resistance. On the contrary we intensify our pain. All we have, only hope is our Triune God. Only God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit got me through my addiction, amputation, renal failure, 7 years on dialysis, transplant, broken marraige, relationship with my daughters, etc……
    God never left me. I left Him. I had to go back to my Catholic grass roots. I saw the the Divine Spirit place good people in my life. My life tourned around completely. First I had to want it but with God. Salesians, Missionary Servants, Keaton my best man Br. Joe Dudek, ST (2nd Marraige), Ron & Dolly Reinhart, Fr. Mike Barth, Deacon Kevin Wright. They believed in me. To be in recovery we have place ourselves in the care of God completely. “THATS HOW IT WORKS!”

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