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The Advice

Or were they comments? I’m not sure. But like many of us, I can recall things my mom said that were meant to be a help as I went through life. you know, don’t touch a hot stove, run with scissors, and stop hitting your sister. She also said things that have stuck with me, or I hear her say them still.

  1. Don’t tell anyone who you vote for. Think about this, we vote in private, so why would it then be told to everyone. And of course, when I started voting there was no social media to spread the word about how you voted correctly and if people voted the other way, well. I can’t go there. To extend this idea, think about other things you do in private, we keep them private. I really like this advice!
  2. In your heart of hearts. I know that’s not a sentence, it’s a phrase that can be used in different ways. As in”What is in your heart of hearts? Or In my heart of hearts I believe, know, think, feel… You get the idea. As a teen, I would roll my eyes, now, nope. What does your gut tell you? What is the Holy Spirit whispering to you in your soul? In the deepest part of yourself? Trust it. And act on it. That’s what it means.
  3. When it’s your toothache it hurts. Well, yes it does, now doesn’t it? And sometimes that pain, wherever it is coming from, causes you to irritable, less than loving and charitable. Conversely, others have toothaches too. So try as best you can to extend them some love and kindness.


Think about some advice your mom gave you that is still helpful and true today. Pass it on to others. Thank her for it. And, drop it in the comment box so we all can see it.

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  1. Morgan Thurston says

    So after listening to the things mom said podcast I’ve been thinking about what my kids will say I said. Here’s what I have come up with…
    1. Don’t stop in the middle. – this is mostly used literally bc they often stop as soon as they enter the doorway, usually when I’m carrying a heavy load of something but it can also be used figuratively in a sense like, “make sure you complete your tasks”
    2. Is that a tool or a toy? – my children don’t seem to play with their toys but would rather swing a broom around and hit someone or something. They’ll use silverware as a sword instead of their plastic toy swords. I don’t get it. Hopefully this one leads to critical thinking skills and better decision making but it’s too early to say definitively.

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