What’s the Big Deal About Fragrance?

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Podcast #46

What’s the Big Deal About Fragrance

This has become a hot topic everywhere. Why? People are becoming more aware of what they are using daily in their homes. One of the top things that we should all be aware of is fragrance. Fragrance has become known as the new second-hand smoke and is causing toxic effects on our body that we may not even realize.

What is Fragrance

Fragrance is defined by the FDA as a combination of chemicals that give each perfume or cologne its distinct scent. Fragrance is called a “proprietary blend” or a “trade secret” to the company that contains them. This allows them to hide thousands of chemicals and you would never know.

Where is Fragrance Found

Most of our personal care products contain fragrance. Things like sunscreen, shampoo, soaps, lotions, makeup, body wash, cleaning products, perfumes, deodorants, and pretty much anything that has a smell may have fragrance. Just check the label.

Health Concerns of Fragrance

The word fragrance can hide over 3000 chemicals. These chemicals are being linked to reproductive toxicity, central nervous system disruptor, endocrine disruptors, allergies, respiratory issues, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular problems, cancer and more. What is even more alarming is the fact that these chemicals are even being found in the blood of newborns meaning that the chemicals the mother is being exposed to are now being passed onto her baby.

What Do We Do Now

Read your labels- all of them. Avoid any label with the word “fragrance” on it. Check out the documentary “Stink.” We also need to realize that the TSCA  a law made to protect us is actually doing the exact opposite.

Are you ready to be the gatekeeper of your home? If you could protect your family from a list of health issues would you? Today take the challenge and check your labels. Do they have the word fragrance? Will you continue to use them?

As always, be grateful & have faith!

God Bless!

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