4,000 Miles to Say Thank You

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Road Trip

In some ways, I can’t believe we really did it; 4000 miles in 9 days. But then again, we are about living NOT lukewarm!!!!!

I’m glad we went. We rested, we talked, and we drank great beers.

We spent time in prayer before, during, and after. At the Shrine, we were able to go to confession and then Mass, as well as pray a rosary with other pilgrims.

I lit candles, prayed in thanksgiving for answered prayers, and interceded for others.

We prayed before we left, during the drive, and while at the Shrine, of course. It was amazing. The priests were excellent; the grounds were peaceful.


I’d never offered thanks like this before, but that answered prayer was life-changing. So going there made sense to me.


Here is a link to the prayer of Our Lady of Good Help.


Pray the novena for a special intention, adding an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be at the end of the prayer. After the nine days, give thanks, no matter the outcome, since we do not know God’s timing!



  1. I didn’t realize until listening to the podcast that they had changed the name to the Shrine of Our Lady of Champion. I have been on several pilgrimages and visited Fatima, Lourdes, Zaragoza and more but knew little about the only approved Marian apparition in the US. And really, the message of Champion makes it ideal for a catechist. Thanks for the education and the prayer.

    • Deanna Bartalini says

      It is a recent change. In fact, when Mass began, the priest welcomed us to Our Lady of Good Help and then corrected himself! What a blessing to gone on those Marian pilgrimages.

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