A Cup of JOY for Lent – An Invitation

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You are invited to start a CUP of JOY Women™ or Cup of JOY Gathering (men and women).  A CUP of JOY small group is an easy way to gently evangelize and encourage others.  It fosters fun, faith, sharing, and Scripture in small groups.   All materials are free and accompany each weekly 15-minute WRAP Yourself in JOY Podcast with Karen Dwyer.

As a host-facilitator, you would get together weekly with friends over a cup of coffee (or tea) for one hour of thanksgiving, prayer, and discussion. Your small group will grow together in faith, hope, love, and joy.

The new Spring podcast series is Esther for This Time: Prayer, Reversals, and JOY, based on Karen’s book which has an imprimatur.  The series will last eight weeks and is perfect for Lent. Go to Wrapyourselfinjoy.com to sign up.

Answers to common questions include:

Why coffee?

Inviting others for coffee (or tea) will make your invitation seem friendly and casual. As a host- facilitator, you will find the handout for each meeting and the format easy to use for the one hour over coffee.

Why meet only for one hour?

The weekly one-hour format encourages participants to know the meeting will be focused and not take up much of their precious time. Discussing the content covered in the questions and Scripture will help the Scriptures come alive.

Are other topics available?

Esther for This Time: Prayer, Reversals, and JOY starts the week of February 14.  But if you choose, you could select the JOYFUL and Battle Ready podcast series with the accompanying Cup of JOY. This series focuses on defining true joy and putting on the armor of God from Ephesians.  All series are eight weeks, plus a suggested wrap-up finale meeting.   Go to Wrapyourselfinjoy.com to sign up.

What does the host-facilitator do?

Hosting a Cup of Joy Women’s small group is a beautiful way to gently evangelize and involve others in prayer, Scripture reflection, and discussion. Your main job as a host/facilitator is to arrange a meeting place, invite guests, prepare coffee, and facilitate the meeting. Your small group can meet at home or church, and it can include 2 to 10 women or more. You will receive weekly a prepared PDF worksheet that will guide your group through discussion, prayer, and study.  As the host, you will make a copy of the worksheet for each person. All will listen to the podcast to prepare for the weekly meeting.

How do I sign up?

Go to Wrapyourselfinjoy.com to sign up as a small group host and for your small group members. Then, you receive an email with all the necessary information for your group.

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