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Join award winning speaker, teacher and author, Karen Dwyer as we search for joy together. We will explore how to find true JOY, how to awaken JOY, how to defeat JOY Busters and how to create a JOY-filled prayer life – from a Christian perspective, a Biblical Perspective, a Catholic perspective. We will especially focus on God‘s love and God‘s truth, and what we can do to be filled with more JOY.

Do you need more joy in your life? Who doesn’t?  It seems everyone is seeking more joy, yet it is often elusive. Every day we face challenges to our joy, but they can be overcome. WRAP Yourself in JOY will help you live a life filled with abundant joy and tackle the challenges we all face in a changing world.

Join our journey and discover how to:

* Receive a greater capacity to accept the joy and the love of God.
*Awaken to joy from our joy-filled God who wants to share His joy with you.
*Develop a plan to resist the joy busters of fear, worry, anxiety, discouragement, anger, busyness and more.
*Stand strong in adversity.

In your quest for true joy, you will not be disappointed!

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About Karen:

Karen Dwyer is an inspirational speaker and has been an award-winning college teacher, specializing in helping students and adults of all ages conquer their public speaking anxiety.

Karen is the author of 10 books including WRAP Yourself in JOY: Find the JOY & Fight the Fear, WRAP Yourself in Scripture,  Esther for Such a Time as This: Prayer, Reversals & Joy, Nehemiah—Rebuilding Hope & Joy in Your Life, The Joy of Advent—Journey with the People, Events &, Prayers at the First Coming of Jesus Christ, and iConquer Speech Anxiety.

Karen has been a guest on EWTN’s The Choices We Face and on several Catholic radio programs, including programs on Spirit Catholic Radio. She is the Coordinator for Magnificat-Omaha, founder of the Heart of Jesus Prayer Groups, a Council Member of USA Pentecost Today and has served on the Board of Directors for KVSS Spirit Catholic Radio and the national Mission Advisory Council for the Institute of Priestly Formation (IPF).

Karen says, “The Lord Jesus Christ wants to share His joy with you (John 15: 11).  He is the One who sustained me through great tragedy and gave me His JOY.  Our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, our Savior, and the Holy Spirit want to give YOU more JOY. “

Karen and her husband Larry are active members of St. Robert Bellarmine Parish, Omaha, NE.

Wrap Yourself in Joy Podcast Episodes

Esther & Turnaround JOY #10 – Celebrating God’s Goodness & Purim

Are you looking for encouragement and JOY? Esther will help you celebrate. When you recall and celebrate what God has done, you are strengthened in your faith, inspired to trust Him more, and encouraged with hope. For Esther and all Jewish families, the annual Feast of Purim celebration helps them recall that God delivered them and will continue to deliver them. Join our podcast today and be encouraged to joyously celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness as we review the many turnarounds in the Book of Esther.

Esther & Turnaround JOY #9 – Creative Solutions and MORE Turnarounds

Creative Solutions for Esther & Her People Do you need some creative solutions for your life? Today, the Book of Esther will inspire you with more reversals and some creative remedies—all part of God’s answer to prayer.  It may look like there is NO way out, but God working behind the scenes can always give […]

Esther & Turnaround JOY #8 – Reversals Begin

Do you need reversals in your life? Let Esther encourage you. God loves reversals! Today in our podcast, we encounter three reversals in Chapter Seven of the Book of Esther. This is God’s providence bringing dramatic changes in circumstances in response to the prayers of His people. Be assured it can happen again and it can happen in your life too.

Esther & Turnaround JOY #7 – God-Designed Comedy

God-designed comedy can reverse calamity! Don’t you wish every tragedy turned into a good laugh instead? Sometimes, we think God doesn’t have a sense of humor. Today in our podcast on Esther, we cannot help but see the comedy from the hand of God that reverses a tragedy.

Esther & Turnaround JOY #6 – Pray, Wait and Discern

Are you praying, waiting, and discerning? Have you ever prayed in a daunting situation? Were you looking for a quick solution? Sometimes a quick solution is not the best solution. In our podcast today, Esther shows us the value of prayer, but also why it’s important to wait and discern God’s solution.

Esther & Turnaround JOY # 5 – For Such a Time as This

Do you have a mission for such a time as this? You surely do and this podcast will help you! Today, Queen Esther comes to trust the power of God in prayer, gains needed courage and discovers her mission. Esther and Mordecai also show us powerful examples of how to intercede for a nation in desperate times.

Esther & Turnaround JOY #4 – Unwavering Resolve & the First Edict

It’s five years since King Ahasuerus sponsored the beauty contest and crowned Esther as queen. We will begin to see why God put Esther in a position of influence. Today, we join Mordecai as he stands near the palace gate and overhears a plot to kill the king which he reports to Queen Esther. Also, Mordecai, with unwavering resolve, refuses to bow to Haman, “the enemy of the Jewish people.” So Haman cast Purim (similar to our dice) to determine the date to ask the king to kill all Jews. The edict announcing the annihilation was sent out on Passover—the very day Jewish families annually commemorate God delivering them from slavery (Exodus 12). Their Passover celebration with family and friends quickly turned into a day of mourning. How ironic that the day of the announcement would fall on a commemoration of God’s deliverance! Could God again deliver them from destruction? Actually, it would be only God who could!

Esther & Turnaround JOY # 3 – The Spa & the New Queen

Are you seeking to become more attractive and win favor with others? Who isn’t? Join us today at the Spa, circa 479 BC and hear how attractiveness, God’s way, finds favor and how the providence of God unfolds slowly but surely. At Susa, Divine Providence – God unfolding his purposes – becomes more visible to the spiritual eye, as we notice Esther finds favor with…

Esther & Turnaround JOY # 2 – The Queen, the Refusal & the Bad Advice

The Book of Esther in the Old Testament was written so that even 2500 years later, we can still relate it to our culture. Today, we continue in Esther Chapter 1 with our introduction to the pompous and extravagant King Ahasuerus and the opulent six-month party he threw in the capital city of Susa (modern day Iran) in the third year of his reign. Ancient historians suggest over 15,000 men came to the party that lasted 187 days. In the midst of the grand party, the king received and followed bad advice. In this podcast, we will cover how to find true wisdom.

Esther & Turnaround JOY # 1 – The Backdrop & the Party: Turnarounds for Your Life

Just when we wonder, “Where is God in our lives or our families or our communities,” Esther reminds us that God never abandons us. He is faithful. If you have never read or studied Esther before, now is a good time to start. Esther is about trusting in God, interceding in prayer and receiving strength to stand firm amid Life’s challenges. It is about gentle leadership and discernment from God in difficult times. Most importantly, Esther is a dramatic story of how God can bring reversals in circumstances for you and your family – that’s turnarounds in situations and relationships. In Esther’s case, fifteen reversals in circumstances and relationships gave joy and consolation to God’s people resulting in the annual Jewish celebration of the Feast of Purim. Esther is a book of faith, hope and joy! Today we will cover the backdrop for the Book of Esther, the Lavish Party and Personal Reflections.

ADVENT JOY # 7 – Seeking Consolation and JOY? Join Anna & Simeon at the Presentation

Are you seeking consolation or more JOY? Join us today at the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord where Anna and Simeon show how. They offer us 10 ways the Holy Spirit can help.

ADVENT JOY # 6 – Join the Chorus of Angels & Shepherds!

Do you need a message that brings MORE JOY and Peace? Join us today for the birth of our Savior and meet the Angels and the Shepherds who have a lot to share. In fact, uniting your heart with the Angel’s Gloria and the Shepherd’s praises will help you know more JOY and peace.

Advent JOY #5 – Perplexed? Exchange Your Plans for God’s Plans!

Are you perplexed or bewildered over changes that have come into your life? Mary and Joseph had to change their plans often. Why not ask God to help you lean into these changes? God can give you the best results ever when you willingly exchange your plans for God’s plans!

Advent JOY #4 – Needing Calm? Seek Stillness with God!

Are you needing calm in your life? Today, we are dropping in on a very special celebration of John the Baptist’s birth. You might hold the baby, newly named John, or share with all the neighbors your astonishment at the miracle birth.  You will hear Zechariah speak for the first time in 9 months. When he does, he teaches us the value of stillness with God. His silent retreat results in the joyous Benedictus blessings. Stillness with God will do the same for you, giving you more joy and peace!

Advent JOY #3 – The Blessed Visit & the JOY of Fellowship

Today, we travel with Mary down the 90-mile road from Nazareth to the Hill Country of Judea, near Jerusalem. We will drop in on the visit that Mary makes to her old cousin Elizabeth. Both women are with child, both are rejoicing over the births to come, and both are thrilled to see each other. You can’t miss the JOY!

ADVENT JOY # 2 -The Great Annunciation and Message: “For Nothing Will Be Impossible with the Lord”

If you are unsure about God’s power to accomplish miracles or significant changes in your own life, consider this: If God can supernaturally beget the Son of God in a virgin and give an old woman Elizabeth, past her time of conceiving  a child, God can fix the barrenness in your life too. If you feel unproductive or barren, ask the Holy Spirit to come upon you in new ways and to open new doors where least expected. He will give you a breakthrough! “For nothing is impossible with God!”

Advent JOY #1: Don’t Give Up Hope – God Hears & God Answers

Don’t Give Up Hope – God hears & God answers prayer. Join us today as Zechariah, Elizabeth and Gabriel teach us this lesson.

JOY Series #9 –Stop the Worry & Grab the Plunger

Do you have your JOY plunger handy? What does a plunger have to do with finding the joy and stopping the worry? We all need plungers for messy situations – for the sudden, unexpected events, joy busters or “stuff” that can ruin our day, take our time or energy, and steal our JOY. Today you will be reminded of all the JOY maintenance tools that we have covered in our Find the JOY podcast Series. You can stop the worry and grab the plunger.

JOY Series #8: Arresting the Big JOY Thief – WORRY

How are you at arresting the Big JOY thief -WORRY? Worry is not just a JOY Buster. It’s a big JOY thief and it brings on fretting. In only a few dances with fretting, you will be exhausted and any JOY you once had will be greatly challenged. Join us today and discover how to arrest the big JOY thief Worry, stop the fretting and  rest in God’s love.

JOY Series #7 – Begin Again and Defeat JOY Busters

Begin Again and Defeat Joy Busters. Join us today as we continue our focus on how to defeat JOY-sapping experiences and leave the past behind. 

JOY Series #6 – Defeating JOY Busters

Defeating JOY Busters – Join us today and discover the actions you must take to defeat JOY Buster’s and their effect on your life.

JOY Series #5 – Praising and Thanking for JOY

Praising and Thanking for JOY will help expand your prayer life from “petition addict” to one of praising JOY so that you can enjoy God too.

JOY Series #4 – WRAP-ing JOY

Today we are WRAP-ing JOY. How would you like to feel wrapped in JOY? Have you ever wanted to hear God speak to YOU? You can! We will discuss the JOY you can experience from a two-way conversation with your Heavenly Father. You will learn the WRAP method for interactive prayer, how to avoid being a talkaholic in prayer, the four-stages for prayer, and the best way to REST in God’s Love and receive His JOY.God Yearns for a Relationship with You. Enjoy this new podcast!

JOY Series #3 – Awakening JOY & Telling Yourself the Truth

Are you awakening to more JOY in your life? Join the podcast to awaken more joy in your life and find out what God is singing over YOU.

JOY Series #2 – Defining JOY & 4 Tips for Increasing JOY

Have ever wondered if lasting Joy is attainable?  Today we will discuss a definition for true and lasting JOY plus 4 Tips for increasing JOY in your life.

JOY Series #1 – Searching for JOY

Join us today as we search for how to be filled with true and lasting JOY every day. 

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