Testimony of Annette Baber

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Testimony of Annette Baber | Annette was born into an Orthodox Jewish family. She was the oldest of five children, the little mother of the family|#christianpodcast #podcast #catholicpodcast #testimony #AnnetteBaber #TestimonyofAnnetteBaberTestimony of Annette Baber

Testimony of Annette Baber. Annette was born into an Orthodox Jewish family. She was the oldest of five children the little mother of the family. Her parents were very loving. She grew up in Iowa.  Her grandparents lived with them. Her grandfather gave her a blessing when she was three years old, saying that she would be a blessing to God and to her family. Annette loved being Jewish. Her family suffered a lot of persecution from Catholics.

As a teenager, she had a lot of questions about life and her faith. She felt so inadequate. She met her future husband at an art school, and he was a Roman Catholic.  After she married Tom and had a son, she felt her life crumbling. Feeling she was a failure as a wife and mother, she had a nervous breakdown and contemplated suicide. God sovereignly spoke to her, and the next day, she began to read the New Testament Gospels. She cried out to Father God. She immediately committed her life to Christ, and the miracles began to happen. She was born to be a Catholic, and God’s grace was constantly calling her throughout her life. Listen as she shares her story with humor and enthusiasm.

She founded two Magnificat Chapters, was the Coordinator of a chapter just outside of Chicago, and was a Regional Team Member.

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