Authority When You Use the Name of Jesus

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Lucia continues teaching you about the authority and power you have as God’s child so you can walk in victory.Lucia continues teaching you about the authority and power you have as God’s child so you can walk in victory.  She explains God gave you His Name as in a covenant marriage relationship – that’s why you’re called the Bride of Christ.  You gave your old name away when you got saved and took on the name of Jesus.  Now you’re called by the Name of Jesus and use His Name to come to a higher level of spiritual authority.

Jesus came to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, and now that Kingdom is in you.  God, in all His power took on a physical body in the Baby Jesus, and then became a man – a King – in this kingdom.

A Special “Thank You!” to our sponsors, ABC’s of Who I Am, at Lucia Claborn Ministries for sponsoring this podcast.  Learn and confess who God says you are from A to Z so you can walk in victory! .  Lucia Claborn Ministries is providing resources to build your faith and teach you who you are according to the Word of God!

He inherited all the things that God has and then transferred that authority of His Name to his children.  Hebrews 1:4 says “he having become so much better than the angels, as He has by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.”

Now is the time to use your faith and begin walking in your God-given authority over Satan and enforce his defeat every day of your life!  The devil will listen when you pray in the name of Jesus.

The most effective way to pray is to demand your rights as Peter did at the Gate Beautiful when he demanded that the lame man be healed.  We’re not demanding of God when we demand our rights; we’re demanding the devil to give back what he’s stolen from us!

Lucia also shares faith-filled confessions to help you enforce Satan’s defeat in your life, so you can live the victorious life you were created to live.

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