Blessing of Purification

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Blessing of PurificationThe Blessing of Purification ~ Episode 38

Is purification a blessing? Can the blessing of purification happen in our own lives? In this podcast, Father David looks at how we are purified each and every day and the ways that the Lord works in our lives to bring about a change, a renewal and a deepening of our faith.

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There are plenty other examples which we could site to illustrate the challenge and magnitude of this crisis. Sometimes the last one we look at is the spiritual opportunities, and the divine intervention and possibilities which may be available for us. About a month ago slowly awakening from a fretful sleep I became starkly aware of the Lord’s communication: “my Mercy is in your wounds and hurts.”  I followed in response: “I am a poor man, I have not a thing I give you my heart”. Awake now, my mind went back to the time in my life when, a year after Ordination, I experienced a tremendous conversion and empowerment by God in my life. A huge blessing for sure! And in joy a gift of the Church’s Grace of Renewal

However, that experience happened almost fifty years ago. Many years plus various assignments and commitments have passed. Laying there I started to seek out the meaning and truth of that journey in my life. What stuck out in my mind was this: What was once a powerful grace-filled intense transformation in my life gradually lost its impact, and slowly I experienced a fatigue and weariness in my life and ministry. For sure some of this was a result of naturally aging, and many changes and challenges in the Church and in our current sometimes traumatic society. But in the last 10 years a too frequent change in my assignments, both locations and ministries. and a lack of vibrancy in my commitment to serving God’s People sapped the spiritual energy in my life. These challenges and obstacles surly call me to a deeper repentance. And require a personal generosity in being open to healing and atonement for sin. Reparation and prayer for a Church deeply influenced by “the negative spirit of the world” and unfaithfulness in bringing forth the light and power of the Gospel to its members is also necessary.  It seems that many Catholic Christians need a second installment of the Church’s Grace of Renewal; a second empowerment and impartation even more powerful than the first empowerment that many in the Church received over the last fifty years or so. Has the salt lost it flavor in your spiritual life as well? The present trials and vicissitudes of the current Pandemic may be one of the Lord’s ways of purifying his people to receive a powerful new Divine gift of a second installment of Spirit-filled empowerment and impartation; a Pandemic Blessing for sure!

Three things need to come about and are necessary to give God an open door to bestow a follow up impartation of a new empowerment of grace. Are we hungry for a new refreshing ability of personal transformation, and enthusiasm to continue the mission of building the Kingdom of God on earth? The following are the three requirements:

  • Is this the time and place for the Divine Plan of God to be manifested in a unique manner to meet the desperate situation we experience at this time in the human community, but more importantly in the Church?
  • Are individuals open and hungry to receive such a precious impartation of gifts and grace?
  • What are the structures which may be able to contain and hold such a Divine impartation, and are we willing to sacrifice to provide those entities which would advance God’s powerful work anew on the planet earth and within the Church?

If our response is yes!  Yes God, please pour out you Spirit anew upon our lives and relationships! Then let us boldly storm the heavens humbly with prayer and pleas for a time of impartation and bestowal of God’s powerful gifts and graces.

May We Pray!

Blessed Lord Jesus we recognize that over the last fifty years many things have changed in our society. Moral compromise and loss of faith have reached such a high peak that it has been necessary for your Holy Spirit to bring about a second installment of the full empowerment and renewal of the Holy Spirit in the Church and our society. New forms of neo-pagan religions have infiltrated the very depts of society, also within the Church. We are very grateful for the early experiences of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit given to many after the close of Vatican Council II. However, much more is very necessary to move the Church and each individual more deeply into the necessary repentances and conversion to meet the devils work in souls and to counteract the infusion of the “spirit of the world” which is about the destruction of Christian family life. Come Holy Spirit and re-anoint and refresh your people to embrace the spiritual warfare necessary to defeat the tremendous evils emerging in our world. We pray this prayer in Jesus name! Amen.

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