Components of a God-Given Dream

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keeping your dream alive Lucia is continuing her series on Keeping Your Dream Alive so you can fulfill God’s plan for your life! In today’s show, she shares the Components of Your God-Given Dream by comparing your dream to the dream God gave Moses!

As you look at the life of Moses you will see how his character actually changed from doubting himself and his abilities, to being bold and courageous to fulfill his God-given dream. Moses’ attitude went from “Who am I, Lord?” to demanding Pharaoh “Let God’s people go!” Like Moses, as you spend time with God and realized your true identity, you will know God is the author and finisher of your dream. You will become like Moses and trust God to help you fulfill the dream He put in your heart!

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God is looking for his children to rise up in faith and pay the price to make their dream a reality so they can walk in victory! He’s listening for His children’s faith-filled words so He can make great power available to them to help them accomplish their dreams! God wants you to confess what He can do and what He has already done for you, rather than focusing on your own self-limiting thoughts and abilities.

Not only will your dream give you identity and authority, but it will also give you credibility and confirm your abilities. As you pull up your courage and your boldness, to step out in faith, your determination to persevere until your dream manifests will make your God-given dream a reality!



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