Testimony of Debra Herbeck

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Debra Herbeck | Debra Herbeck |Debra has worked extensively in youth and women’s ministries for the past 25 years| #christianpodcast #podcast #catholicpodcast #debraherbeck #testimony Debra Herbeck ~ Testimony

Debra Herbeck has worked extensively in youth and women’s ministries for the past 25 yrs., evangelizing on college campuses, speaking at high school youth conferences, directing youth camps, and mentoring high school and college-age women. She has spoken at Franciscan University women’s and youth conferences and women’s events throughout the country.

Debra is a newsletter editor for Renewal Ministries and has written articles for New Covenant, Pastoral Ministries, Credo, and Catholic Faith and Family. She and her husband, Peter, recently co-authored a book entitled,’ When the Spirit Speaks, touched by God’s Word.’ She is also the producer for the weekly Catholic television program, ‘The Choice’s We Face,’ co-hosted by Ralph Martin and Peter Herbeck. The Herbeck’s live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with their four children and are members of Christ the King parish.

Debra Herbeck:

Debra Herbreck was born and raised in the Jewish faith with devout Jewish parents. Her whole entire world was Jewish, and she grew up with a very strong cultural identity as a Jew. Her conversion came while in college when she had a personal encounter with Christ. She began her pursuit of truth through reading the bible and help from her college friends, who gave her a better understanding of the Christian faith. She knew saying ’yes’ to Jesus meant saying ‘no’ to all she knew as a Jew. She kept praying, asking God to show her if Jesus was real, and he answered her prayer, and it changed the trajectory of her life as she accepted Christ.

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