Don’t Allow Fear to Stop Your Dream

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God hasn’t given you a spirt of fear, rather He’s given you a spirit of faith Lucia welcomes you to the show today as she focuses on helping you keep your dream alive so you can fulfill the plan God has for your life so you can walk in victory! She shares part of her story about fear paralyzing her and her husband to keep them from moving forward toward their dream.


There are three words that never need to come out of your mouth! They are “I am afraid!” These three words immediately put Satan in the driver’s seat of your life and empower him to bring chaos and destruction into your life.


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The promises God has made to you regarding your dreams will come to pass if you will continue to use your faith instead of allowing doubt, fear and unbelief to creep into your heart. If you want to live by faith and walk in victory you have to set your mind to know that whenever you hear the devil telling you something, you can believe just the opposite because everything he tells you is a lie!

God hasn’t given you a spirt of fear, rather He’s given you a spirit of faith! If you want to walk in victory, and receive everything God has for you so you can see your dream come to pass, fear cannot have any part of your life. When you put your faith in God, and His goodness toward you, you have nothing to fear!


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