Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

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Don't Give Up On Your DreamsDon’t Give Up On Your Dreams

Welcome to the show! Come on in and listen as Lucia continues her series on Keeping Your Dream Alive. In today’s episode, she shares that you can’t Give Up on Your Dream if you want to fulfill God’s plan for your life! Lucia encourages you to use Paul’s example of his attitude as your example to move forward with your faith! She also encourages you to declare what God will do for you in regard toyour dream, and then know that He will come through for you again and again just like He has done in the past!

I would like to take a moment and thank our sponsor for this podcast, the ABCs of Who I Am, at Lucia This resource will build your faith and help you confess who and what God says you are from A to Z according to the Word of God so you can walk in victory! We encourage you to get your copy now by visiting the link in the show notes. Lucia Claborn at is providing resources to build your faith, teach you who you are, and what belongs to you according to God’sWord so you can enforce Satan’s defeat in your life and walk in victory!

Having the right attitude and perspective will always cause you to triumph in Christ Jesus! Trusting God will help you realize that nothing is impossible for you if you will only Believe what God says about you and to you! You can trust Him with your dream because He always causes you to triumph.

If you have listened to Luciafor any amount of time, you know that sheencouragesyou to stir up your faithand believe you receive everything God has for you! It is the same with your dream! When you begin to live by faith and step out to make your dream a reality, you are going to experience some adversity in your life because you are now a threat to the enemy.

God can do greater things in you that the devil can do on the outside of you through adverse circumstances. Everything in the natural is subject to change; however, the revelations God gives you as you go through the circumstances will produce a great harvest in your lifeso you can walk in victory!

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