Faith Takes Time to Grow

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Join Lucia as she explains your faith takes time to grow, and it will always produce results. #podcast #faithJoin Lucia as she explains your faith takes time to grow, and it will always produce results.  Like anything worthwhile that you work for, you have to work at growing your faith.  It’s similar to a muscle that needs exercise to make it grow.

At first you may not see results, but the longer you stick with it, the stronger it will become.  As you commit to walking by faith, and are fully persuaded that what God says in His Word is true and it will work for you if you work the Word, then give your faith time to grow, you will live a victorious life.

Our goal is to be like the woman with the issue of blood that said within herself, “If I can just touch the fringe of his clothes, I know I can be made whole.”  Her step of faith to touch His garment caused the healing power of God to be released through His body and Jesus called that faith, because He said, “Daughter, your faith (or you could say your action) has made you whole.”

Faith starts with believing, because believing puts you into position to act upon what you believe.  The more you act on your faith, the stronger it will become.

Matthew 9:27-30 tells us the blind men acted on their faith by following Jesus and calling out to Him.  Jesus asked them what they wanted, because he wanted to know if they believed he could make them see.  Jesus’ reply to them then is still the same for us today when we ask Him for something.  Jesus told the blind men because of their faith; they would have their eyesight restored.

Faith always produces results!

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