Faithfulness of Others

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Join Mary Aldrich as she tackles the subject of seeing faithfulness in others around us.How can we encourage those around us?
What if we can’t find anything at all they are doing well?

Is there a way to increase their consistency without fussing or nagging them to do things?

In today’s episode we’ll discuss ways to do all three.

We’ll talk about husbands, children, and friends/ coworkers.
Plus, I’ll give you a secret tool to help you know what to say next time you can’t come up with something positive to say.

We’ve discussed finding and feeling the Faithfulness of God. Last episode we discussed seeing our own growth in faithfulness and consistency.  Today we are tackling the subject of seeing faithfulness in others around us.

When I was a teen my mom was so frustrated with me.

We encourage those around us by taking time to tell them what we see that they are doing well.

People crave it.

I don’t care what your love language is, it feels good to hear that you are doing something right. (Well, unless you haven’t heard it for a long time and you’ve been busy telling yourself negative things.  Then, it feels uncomfortable first.)

But what if I can’t find anything good to say?

Look at their weakness and ask, what is the strength on the other side?
A weakness is a strength improperly applied.  If it was applied correctly, what would it look like?

“She takes forever to do that work.” (Thorough, detailed, calm, persevering)

He is always arguing. (Thoughtful, bold, integrity)

He always breaks my stuff. (Creative, experimental, innovative, focused)

Won’t shut up. (Friendly, conversationalist, cheerful, speaks loud enough to be heard)

Too rowdy. (High energy, vibrant, physical stamina)

A slob. (Flexible, overlooks faults in others, willing to let other things go, forgiving)

Expects me to do all the work while they lie around and rest? (Aware of the rest they need, take care of themselves well, content to let things be as they are)

How can we maximize the possibility that they will grow and change without nagging?

The Secret tools:

  1. Prepare ahead of time. Create a list of 100 things you can praise that person for.
  2. Turn the weakness around. A weakness is simply a strength improperly applied.

Who can you bless today with your positivity and encouragement?

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