Hearing God’s Voice Challenge

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Life and Leadership Coach Laura White joins the show to talk about Hearing the Voice of God. Life and Leadership Coach Laura White joins the show to talk about Hearing the Voice of God. Lucia and Laura encourage you through their short testimonies how they learned to tune in to hearing God’s Voice so they can walk in victory.

You won’t want to miss their announcement about an upcoming event to grow your faith to hear God’s voice!

Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call unto me and I will answer you and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.”  This is the confidence we can have in knowing that when we talk to God through prayer, He hears us, and He answers us!


Often times we need to slow down or stop what we’re doing, get the clutter out of our minds, our hearts and our physical surroundings so we can actually hear God’s voice speaking to us. His voice is the still small voice that often times is missed because of the chaos in our lives.

We would like to thank our sponsor for this podcast, the ABCs of Who I Am, at Lucia Claborn.com. This resource will build your faith and help you confess who and what God says you are from A to Z according to the Word of God so you can walk in victory! We encourage you to get your copy now by visiting the link in the show notes. Lucia Claborn at LuciaClaborn.com is providing resources to build your faith, teach you who you are, and what belongs to you according to God’s Word so you can enforce Satan’s defeat in your life and walk in victory!


Lucia and Laura are seasoned life coaches who have learned to walk by faith and live a life of victory by hearing God’s voice and they want to share their hearts as well as the benefits of hearing His Voice so you can walk in victory!


God always has time to talk with you. He’s always listening for your voice. If you want to hear his voice you must position yourself and turn your receiver on so you can tune into His frequency!



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