How To Plan Your Prayer Time

how to plan your prayer timeHow To Plan Your Prayer Time #4

with Felice Gerwitz

Do you know how to plan your prayer time? If you take the time to plan once – and the rest becomes automatic. Are you trying to form a new habit? A time – quiet time with just you and God? In this podcast Felice explains ways to make your time with God highly effective and it takes one very special ingredient. Are you ready to spend time with God, today? Are you spending time to plan spend time with God?

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Show Notes: How To Plan Your Prayer Time

SO, what’s the plan? How are you setting up your prayer time with God?

  1. Do you have a special chair?
  2. Do you like to pray Indoors or outdoors?
  3. Up on your bed? (too comfy for me!)
  4. Can you set up a specific time?
  5. Little kids – early in the am or late at night? Nap time? – when kids got older they remembered how much nicer I was when I had my prayer time!!
  6. Role model – parents with their Bible’s open in common areas when their kids wake up!


  1. Whether you are happy OR upset – bring that to the Lord – either way begin by praising HIM – use Scriptures such as … or you can use extemporaneous prayer – You are the Lord of Lords, you are the Almighty, the King of Kings – I praise you and I thank you, I thank you Lord for _____
  2. If you are a singer – sing! Praise God in song… allow yourself to think about the words – singing allows us to get into the presence of God –it lifts us…brings us joy.
  3. If you are not a singer – proclaim and praise God longer… don’t go to the Scriptures right now… If you want to proclaim certain scriptures get those out ahead of time and write them out – read from a journal rather than the Bible – right now our focus is to allow our minds to calm down and be in a place where we can pray and be still before the Lord – we want to listen but first we need to unload our baggage all the things on our mind – any emotions whether it is fear, anger, hatred – when do we stop? When we feel hope – joy – forgiveness – calm.
  4. Ask the Lord to come into your heart. If you have a prayer request you can ask it – if you just want to spend time with the Lord and be available to Him – just be still, close your eyes and listen.
  5. Give Him time – don’t expect anything – but you will be blessed whether you hear anything or not!!

Journal what you thought during your quiet time – is it random or is it specific? If it is confusing or chaotic – take it to the Lord – ask him for clarity. Typically, random or chaotic thoughts are not from the Lord unless it makes sense to you!

The Lord doesn’t bring us guilt or make us feel bad – I so love that!! God is a good God – He gives us HOPE

  1. NOW pull out your Bible – read through a passage or two that maybe came to mind during your quiet time, or perhaps something is drawing you to read a specific page.
  2. Journal if you want to add these passages.
  3. No end with praise and worship again – thank the Lord.


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