What’s in Your Birthing Bag?

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Podcast #51

What’s in your Birthing Bag?


Here are a few items that Amanda finds important to have on hand while she is birthing. It doesn’t matter if you are birthing in a hospital, birthing center, or the comfort of your own home.



#1 Essential oils are a must and making them easy to use in a roller bottle is quite helpful. Blends to consider are a Labor, Strength, Milk, Grounding, Peace, Head, Back, Sleep, Dynamic Duo, and Relax.


#2 Young Living’s Claraderm or a DIY Peri Spray


#3 Homeopathic remedies. Check out www.homeopathyformommies.com for a complete list on birthing remedies.


#4 Diffuser


#5 Hypnobirthing relaxation CD or birthing playlist- don’t forget the speaker J


#6 Popsicle pads- check out the full video and recipe here!


#7 Comfortable nursing bra


#8 Anything that helps to keep you calm and grounded- a doula, printed affirmations, or prayers.


What is in your birthing bag?

If you want to learn more about our preparations for a home birth check this out too!

As always, be grateful & have faith!

God Bless!

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