Magnificat Testimony of Kathleen Beckman 2007

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Kathleen Beckman shares her testimony of how her life was changed when the merciful love of the Savior touched her family, and He became the Lord of her life. #podcast #christianpodcastSpiritual conversion changed Kathleen Beckman’s life. The more successful and materialistic she became the more she pushed God out of her life. Wife for 47 years,  mother of two grown sons, medical assistant for 11 years and business owner with her husband since 1984. Kathleen was in for a surprise she did not realize her God was a jealous God and He managed to get her attention in 1989. The merciful love of the Savior chattered my comfortable worldly existence by allowing the cross to touch my family and He would become the Lord of my life. Since 1989 her life dramatically changed. Kathleen became a daily communicant, Coordinator of the Orange County Magnificat Chapter, and a lady of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem. Kathleen shared that suffering compelled me to pray, contemplation led me to worship, praise, and service. I found solace in Holy Mother Church. You will hear about the graces that led to her conversion.

For twenty-five years, and in thirteen countries, Kathleen Beckman has served in the Church’s ministry of evangelization through Catholic radio and television, writing, speaking and as  a certified Retreat Director. Sophia Institute Press has published her four best-selling books including, “Praying for Priests”, “God’s Healing Mercy”, “When Women Pray” and the newest, “A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare”.

At the invitation of the clergy, Kathleen has served in the Church’s ministry of exorcism and deliverance for sixteen years. She was on faculty for the Pope Leo XIII Institute at Mundelein Seminary for six years. She presently serves as the lay administrator of the exorcism and deliverance ministry and is a member of the exorcist’s team. In 2013, with encouragement from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy, Kathleen co-founded the “Foundation of Prayer for Priests” a ministry of intercessory prayer for the holiness and protection of clergy.

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