Practicing Self-Care

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Practicing Self-CareEpisode 72–Practicing Self-Care

Practicing self-care can be a difficult thing to do especially for busy working women with families.

Angela Paul, a math and science teacher, mother of four adult children and four grandchildren, defines exactly what self-care means.

Mrs. Paul shares candidly about her own personal struggles with this issue. She also talks about practical things that women can do to better take care of themselves.

She talks about why self-care is more of a struggle for women than it is for men, and the role that boundaries play in the practice of self-care.









Practicing Self-CareMore About Angela Paul

Angela is the Chief Operating Officer of Math Plus Educational Services and has tutored and taught math and science for over 30 years. She was educated at MIT and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) where she obtained a master’s degree in chemical engineering. 

She has taught at both the secondary and collegiate levels and as the founder and former director of the Northeast Independent Preparatory Academy, she has been instrumental in helping homeschooled students get into college for almost 20 years. Angela is also a wife and mother of four adult children and the grandmother of four. 



200+ Self-Care Ideas and Activities for Coping With Life

275 Self-Care Ideas

Self-care is popular these days. It has become a buzz topic for many millennials. But don’t let that fact make you think that self-care is synonymous with some sort of self-indulgence, or that is it is another example of the laziness of youth or even aspirations for some unachievable state of bliss and nirvana. Self-care is not indulgent. Self-care is real, and it matters—more than you might think.



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