Stress Management for the Working Woman

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Episode 19–Stress Management for the Working Woman

Learning how to manage stress is a key factor to living your best life.

Research shows that chronic stress can cause a number of negative effects on our health including problems with anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, weight gain or loss, cognitive impairment, gastrointestinal issues, infertility problems, as well as other illnesses. 

Special guest, Nwandi Lawson, a media professional and business woman, mother, and spiritually conscious individual, shares how she integrates faith with the physical to help manage the inevitable stresses of life as a busy working woman.

We discuss relaxation techniques, practicing mindfulness, and a variety of other things that women can do for self-care. We also talk about additional resources women can access for help.



Helpful Resources

Monastery of the Holy Spirit–Conyers, Georgia– Retreat Schedule

Retreat. Rest. Reflect. Renew. The Monastery of the Holy Spirit is a place where you can “get away from it all” to revitalize your spirit and rejuvenate your soul. Feel free to put the world behind you and immerse yourself in the monastic lifestyle. We offer a sacred space where people can seek God in solitude, stillness and the beauty of nature.



Kaiser Permanente– Yoga

Kaiser Permanente home

Grab your yoga mat and prepare to center your focus on balance, strength and flexibility.  Discover the mind-to-body connection through a flowing series of yoga poses that will leave you relaxed and exhilarated all at the same time!



10 Relaxation Techniques That Zap Stress Fast

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Relax. You deserve it, it’s good for you, and it takes less time than you think.

You don’t need a spa weekend or a retreat. Each of these stress-relieving tips can get you from OMG to om in less than 15 minutes.


More about Nwandi Lawson

Nwandi Lawson

Nwandi Lawson has several decades of experience hosting, writing and producing for commercial and public broadcasters. She has worked for CNN, TBS, WPBA, and GPB.  She currently owns and operates her production and media consulting companies, Rêve Productions and The Virtues Collective

Ms. Lawson earned an MBA from Emory University and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in journalism from Howard University. She was elected to serve two terms on the Board of Governors for the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS). During this time she  served as the Southeast regional Emmy Awards judging chair. 


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