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The Military Working WomanEpisode 40–The Military Working Woman


The military working woman is in great demand. Women now have a larger presence in our military today than ever before. With more than 200,000 women serving in the active-duty military, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) predicted that by 2020 women veterans will comprise nearly 11 percent of the total veteran population.

Tracy Windley, an an Army Veteran, shares her experiences about military life as a woman.

She talks about choosing a branch of service, and things to consider before joining the military. Ms. Windley shares about  how the military encouraged her to be a team player, embrace her strength, and achieve her goals. 

During our interview, she expressed her concern for missing Fort Hood soldier PFS Vanessa Guillem. She shared that the military still has issues with sexual discrimination of it’s female soldiers.




The Military Working Woman

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The Military Working Woman

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The Military Working Woman

More about Tracy Windley

Tracy is an Army Veteran, who served in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a soldier in the United States Army and a National Guardsman, Tracy was deployed with the 48th Brigade in 2005. She served in the military for a total of 10 years.

She has authored a collection of short stories and poems called ‘23 Stories of My Soul’. Her writings are dedicated to honoring one’s mother, and paying homage to the life of veterans. 

Tracy is passionate about creating a lifestyle to promote positive change. She recently started hosting retreats for women and she endeavors to empower the them to be brave in their walk through life. Furthermore, she encourages them to be a better through prayer, talking, and team building activities.


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A trained responder will answer your call, text, or chat and ask you a few questions. You can decide how much you want to share.



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