Bake Your Way to Success

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Bake Your Way to Success

Episode 55–Bake Your Way to Success

Want to know how to bake your way to success? Today’s episode of  The Working Woman Radio Show talks with Jennifer Paul, pastry chef at Capital City Club in Brookhaven. Jennifer is also the owner of XO Desserts and Bakery.

Ms. Paul tells us the in’s and out’s of life as a pastry chef and the journey it took to get her there. She shares about the various opportunities available for women, and the potential pitfalls to watch out for in the industry.

Jennifer shares with us her biggest challenge as a woman in the culinary industry.

She also talks about why she chose to be a pastry chef as opposed to working with savory foods. 

Finally, Jennifer shares about the different types of opportunities are there for women in the culinary arts business, and how to balance work and motherhood.





Bake Your Way to Success

More About Jennifer Paul

Jennifer studied and earned an associate degree in Baking & Pastry Arts at Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, NC, where she also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management.

Jennifer is the pastry chef at Capital City Club in Brookhaven, and the owner of XO Desserts and Bakery. She is the former Pastry Chef at Proof of the Pudding and the former Executive Pastry Chef at Canoe Restaurant.




XO Desserts and Bakery–(404) 451-0340.

XO Desserts and Bakery is owned and operated by pastry chef extraordinaire, Jennifer Paul.

“Jennifer is great and so are her desserts! The cupcakes that she baked to represent the college of each graduate we were celebrating were amazing! You give her an idea of what you want & she perfects it. She will also offer ideas if you’re not 100% sure of what you want.”–Veronica Dillard

“Jennifer at XO Dessert made a delicious Cranberry Cheesecake that the whole family enjoyed for our Thanksgiving gathering. I highly recommend her cakes, cheesecakes, pastries, and pies.”–Brunella Forte



Working as a Resident Assistant at Johnson & Wales University: Employee Reviews |

Johnson and Wales University-Charlotte

You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the gleaming steel and glass tower on West Trade Street. From our on-campus baking, culinary, management and retail labs and the 33,000-square-foot Student Center, to nearby public markets and sports arenas, there is plenty to do, both on and off campus.

Southern charm in a modern setting!

For more information, visit Johnson and Wales University-Charlotte.




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