Balancing Work and School

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Balancing Work and SchoolEpisode 42–Balancing Work and School

Balancing work and school is a challenge for many working women who have returned to the classroom.

Special guest, Marilyn Smith, talks about how she juggles teaching and being a student, herself. She talks about why she decided to return to school, and shares tips about making a schedule to balance her life.

Ms. Smith discusses the pro’s and con’s of online school versus face-to-face instruction. She also shares about things to consider before making the decision to return to school.












Balancing Work and SchoolMore About Marilyn Smith

Marilyn is a special education assistant teacher at a school in Sandy Springs, Georgia. She is also a student at Georgia State University in Atlanta, where she is pursuing a master’s degree in Health Informatics. 

When she’s not at work or studying for school, Marilyn loves to walk and do Zumba. She is a part-time real estate agent.  

Marilyn is a longtime member of Word of Faith Cathedral in Austell, Georgia, and has served there, faithfully, for many years.


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Balancing Work and School

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