Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond – part 2

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Simple Blessings & Oils Podcast #5

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond- part 2

Pregnancy, birth & beyond with essential oils

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond part 2

Let’s talk about birth & beyond

Birth can be exciting, scary, & somewhat unknown. What we need to realize is that pregnancy and birth are also natural and God created our bodies for this amazing process and new life. I want to talk about the many ways that we can support our bodies and our babies when it comes to pregnancy & birth. When I was having our 6th baby I had used essential oils throughout my pregnancy and really just steered clear of the hormonal oils. I love when people ask about the safety of essential oils but do not consider the safety of the products that they are already using- shampoos, deodorants, lotions, make-up, household cleaners and more. Pregnancy is one of the most important times to really take a look at what you are using, the chemicals it contains and how it could impact you and your baby. It only takes 26 seconds for what you apply topically to enter your bloodstream.


I also want to state that I am not a doctor and I am not here to treat, diagnose or prescribe but instead share tips on things that I have used and learned through the years and pregnancies. I am also only talking about Young Living essential oils as they have the Seed to seal guarantee for quality and purity. If you so choose to use others, I cannot guarantee they will have the same effect.

So what are the oils to use for this amazing process…

Lavender essential oil-  This oil is amazing especially towards the end of pregnancy and during the birth of your baby. I love this oil to support your round ligaments, during those pesky Braxton Hicks

Contractions. Also great for relaxation, sleep, and super gentle for both you and baby.

Frankincense essential oil: It is holy oil! This is great for supporting our immune system, it is very grounding, aids in relaxation and promotes happy feelings, and is wonderful during times of prayer. I love to anoint my newborns head with this while saying a blessing over them.

Sleepy roll-on: 2 drops frankincense, 2 drops lavender, fill with a carrier oil in 10 ml roll on.

Olive oil is wonderful and should be added to your birthing supplies! This is amazing to apply during diaper changes, it makes the meconium wipe off their newborn bottoms super easy and works wonderfully as a non-toxic way to clean and not dry out your newborn’s skin.

Gentle baby essential oil: Very relaxing for both mom and baby. Wonderful for relaxing baby when they are fussy. This is also a wonderful oil to rub on mom’s abdomen while in labor to aid in progression. It is a very calming oil.

Tea tree essential oil: Wonderful to add to your perineum bottle in the hospital/home for cleaning your bottom after delivery. Helps to keep everything smelling and feeling fresh down there after delivery.

This is also a wonderful oil to add to a Tushy Spray(also cloth diaper safe): 2 oz spray bottle, 4 drops lavender, 4 drops tea tree and 4 drops myrrh essential oil and fill to the top with a carrier oil such as coconut oil.

While we talk about down there…

Claraderm Spray: This works phenomenally for preparing the perineum before delivery and helps with healing after delivery. Some women start this spray around 34 weeks and continue until the baby arrives and then as needed after delivery.

DIY PeriSpray: 2 oz spray bottle, 4 drops myrrh, 4 drops frankincense, 4 drops lavender, 4 drops tea tree, 4 drops Roman chamomile(German can be used), 4 drops helichrysum, coconut oil to the top of the bottle.

Popsicle pads(padsicles): Heavy flow pads, Aloe Vera gel, witch hazel, tea tree essential oil, and lavender essential oil. Apply to the pads and stick in the freezer to use postpartum.

Valor: This great for confidence and fear. It is also amazing to help you get solid sleep and it helps you to hold your chiropractic adjustments. It has been coined “Chiro in a bottle.”

Sacred Mountain: This is a high-frequency oil and is wonderful for creating feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding, and protection. It is known to one of the most helpful essential oil blends emotionally which is why it is so powerful for during labor and after.


These are just a handful

of the essential oils that can be beneficial for you, baby and those around you during this amazing part of life. What oils do you feel would benefit you the most? What oils have you used in the birthing process? I hope you found value and learned something new!


As always be grateful & have faith!

God Bless!





Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond- part 1

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Simple Blessings & Oils Podcast #4

Pregnancy, birth & beyond with essential oils- part 1Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Part 1

Most people are open to the use of essential oils until they become pregnant…. Then they hesitate. Are they safe? Can I use before, during and once my baby is born?

There are lots of question and after much research and questions myself, I am here to share things that I have found to support your body during this amazing time in a woman’s life.

I also want to state that I am not a doctor and I am not here to treat, diagnose or prescribe but instead share tips on things that I have used and learned through the years and pregnancies. I am also only talking about Young Living essential oils as they have the Seed to seal guarantee for quality and purity. If you so choose to use others, I cannot guarantee they will have the same effect.

So, let’s talk application.


When you are pregnant and new to essential oil, the feet are always the best place to start. Not only do our feet contain over 2,000 pores but they also contain the Vita Flex points to every system in our body. The skin is also the thickest on our feet and this is the farthest area from our mucous membrane, which can be more sensitive. The feet are also a great place for application on children as well. You can also apply areas to the area of discomfort as well, such as the head for head discomfort and the lower back for sciatica support.

During pregnancy and nursing when applying essential oils topically a 1% dilution is recommended in general (1 drop of essential oil to 1 Tbsp of carrier oil). This is not a hard and fast rule but when one is sensitive or new to essential oils, it is a good guideline.


Diffusing is another wonderful way to experience the amazing benefits of essential oils. A good place to start is 2-3 drops in a diffuser and adjust accordingly.


Ingesting essential oils can be a hot topic and everyone has an opinion. Research shows that in order for an essential oil to be toxic you would literally have to dump bottles of it into the body. This is not how essential oils are ever meant to be used. When using Young Living’s pure therapeutic grade essential oils I personally do not hesitate to add to my water, food or vegetable capsule but every person will have to make this decision and be comfortable with it. Just also know that there are other ways to use the oils without ingesting if you so choose.

Don’t be so Emotional

Supporting out emotions while pregnant is a huge and our ears contain the amazing Vita Flex emotions chart. So when dealing with the crazy hormone fluctuation during pregnancy and post-partum, the Vita Flex chart for the ears can help us keep our emotions more manageable.


When one is trying to become pregnant it is a good idea to find a holistic doctor or midwife, who will run various tests from your hormones to a full thyroid panel and sometimes even a stool sample to check your gut health can be hugely beneficial in a healthy pregnancy.

As far as essential oils to support fertility and hormones naturally, a great blend that I recommend is Endoflex. It is very hormone supporting and balancing. This oil has many testimonies from people who have experienced support with balancing their hormones, thyroid, and adrenals due to stress or cycle changes simply by using this oil regularly.

I would also recommend observing your menstrual cycles. This can contain clues as to how we need to balance our hormones. Do you get headaches before your period and after ovulation? Have you ever had hot flashes? Are there certain times during your cycle that you notice more hair loss? These can all be signs that your body needs some additional encouragement. Clary sage & Dragon Time blend can both be beneficial in supporting these issues. Apply to the outside, inside and on the top of the feet to stimulate the reproductive Vita Flex points.

If you have heavy periods, clots and cramps, these can all be a sign of low progesterone or estrogen dominance. Aging, stress and other factors can take a toll on our bodies natural cycles. Many have found support and relief form Progessence Plus serum created by Dr. Purser. This is a natural progesterone-type supplement that can help benefit many of us who want to promote the best results when conceiving and sustaining pregnancies. Some have reported complete turnarounds in their cycles- from heavy/crampy/PMS to very manageable, from acne ridden to a pimple free. Bonus its natural so it will not have the effects that synthetic hormones are known to have on the body.

Lastly on fertility, consider citrus oils like lemon, grapefruit & citrus fresh. Our liver’s function is to process and eliminate irregularities, toxins, and imbalances in our bodies. With that being said promoting a healthy liver and lymph system, in turn, supports our fertility. You can apply these oils directly to the liver area, diffuse, add them to your water to drink or apply to the Vita Flex points. Some other livers supporting supplements are dandelion root, milk thistle, and red raspberry leaf tea. Ylang Ylang essential oil is also a great “catch-all” for supporting hormonal health.

Where do you start~

I highly encourage you checking out the book Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern and Evidence-Based Essential Oil Therapy by Dr. Scott Johnson. What areas of your fertility are you wanting to take charge of? What action steps are you going to take to ensure that your body is functioning as God has intended it to? Is it time to take a look at another health care provider that is willing to look at your whole health and not just one area?

Join in next time as we look at essential oils to support a healthy delivery and wonderful start for your new baby!

As always be grateful & have faith!

God Bless!


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