Testimony of Elizabeth Ficocelli May 2010 Lima, OH

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This week Elizabeth Ficocelli shares her testimony of questions, searching, and faith.Elizabeth was born in NY where she was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith. By adolescence she grew dissatisfied to her lack of answers to her questions about certain beliefs. Since Elizabeth entered the Catholic Church in 1983 she immersed herself in reading about everything she could about her new faith and with supernatural phenomena such as Eucharistic miracles, stigmata, and apparitions. Then progressed to Church history, the saints and apologetics, the defense of the faith. The more she read the reasons Elizabeth found to love the Catholic faith. Elizabeth resides with her husband and four boys in Ohio where their Catholic faith remains the center of their family life. She has been a guest on the EWTN talk shows for Marcus Grodi, Johnette Benkovich, Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Doug Keck.

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